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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Instead of just typing another update I decided to add some pictures. I have more recent ones of our weekend in Kenton, but I haven't gotten them downloaded yet. I will make sure to do that ASAP. Jason is coming over tomorrow and busting Jimmy and I out of the house. We are going to go play at COSI for the afternoon. And this time I will remember the camera!

Last night I missed my first bed time. I went down to the theatre for an hour or so and Brian had little mad in bed when I got home. I was really impressed. Brian got him down a lot faster than I have been...

Today was a doubly sad day. Brian drove to Kenton tonight for the calling hours of a family friend. Then this morning we got a phone call that Brian's best friend's Mom passed away. We are packing up... with the dogs, which should be interesting, and heading back to Kenton this weekend for the services. So very sad!

Here's the pictures and I promise I will get more up soon...
Wage's new favorite sleeping place... under Jimmy's crib. Yes, I have shut him in Jimmy's room. Ooops!

Grandma Judy, Brian and Jimmy

Angela and Jimmy with Shay in the background. So glad the Thomas' could visit!

Jimmy and I trapped in the Houston airport...

Jimmy and I in the Columbus airport! We finally made it...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First cold!

I do believe Mr. Jimmy is working his way through a cold! Really not a surprise considering the transition he has made temperature wise. It hasn't gotten really bad and I am hoping he can fight it off.

We went back to Children's yesterday and had his hearing tested, which was fine. Unfortunately we aren't able to get in to see a specialist for his tongue until April 1. That's right... my second day back to work. I was really hoping that we could have this taken care of while I was still off work but it isn't going to work out. We will have to decide what we are going to do. Do I start back early so I will have time available later? Part-time? I don't know! We'll figure it out.

Kenton was great this weekend. It was so nice to see the rest of the family. We were leaving and Brian said, wow this family is girl centric. Jimmy is the second boy out of 7 grandkids. The girls all of course doted on him along with his Aunts and Grandma. It was a really nice day even if I did get a smidge cranky when his schedule got totally thrown off. We had hoped that he would sleep in the car on the way up, but he didn't. What are you going to do?

Tomorrow I am going to visit a day care. Still looking. There just isn't enough hours in the day...

Thanks all!

Friday, February 22, 2008

5 AM! Yeah right!

So I don't know why the blog shows I updated at 5 but truly it was 7:30. Jimmy slept late and he had his morning bottle on my lap while I typed. I was not up at 5 nor would I want to be :)

The doctor was a little traumatic but it went fine and he is truly a trooper. I knew when we hooked up with this program it would be helpful but even then I didn't realize how comprehensive it would be. It's intense. They do not mess around!

We met with two physicians this morning who did a complete physical. They looked at his tongue and recommended we see an ear, nose and throat specialist on Monday. Before looking at it the one physician said he does not usually recommend the surgery but he passed us on after he saw how connected it truly was. I am still amazed at how much he manages to use it. If you didn't know he could fool you.

From there we met with a dietician who helped us review what he was eating. She said it all sounded great to her. I need to make sure he gets enough grain. That is the one area we are probably not doing as much as we should. She also said to go ahead and switch him to whole milk, which I didn't expect. I was afraid of running out of formula so of course I just bought another can... Oh well!

From the dietician we met with a physical therapist. She reviewed his movement and said his finger use might be slightly delayed but nothing extreme. And she would like us to put him on the floor as much as possible. Other than that he was gang buster. She said they typically expect kids from Guatemala to be much further behind since they are held all the time... Not our Jimmy though! He is a power house!

He received a TB test and had blood drawn. Brian took him in for the blood work. I didn't think I could handle it after we sat in the waiting room listening to the kids wail in the back. The tech told Brian he was her best Dad that day. And they found a vein on the first try. He hated it and screamed but it was over fairly quickly.

While we were sitting in the waiting room waiting on the Labs we saw these cute boys. They were also getting Lab work done. The parents asked how old Jimmy was and Brian told them he was 11 months and we had adopted. They adopted too. They went through India and had only been home with their TWO boys for 6 days! Too cute. They did not have as easy of a time with the blood work. Poor little guys were quite a bit upset.

We go to the main campus of children's on Monday. We drop off stool samples, have his TB test reviewed and get a hearing test done. That appointment will be much shorter. The one today was almost three hours long! Poor Jimmy feel asleep in the car on the way home and slept through lunch. My friend Julie stopped by and we woke him up. He was still a little tired but he held on like a champ. Then Aunt Traci and Uncle Jason came over and stayed for dinner. Very fun!

Today he isn't sleeping the best. Doctor's or teeth? I don't really know. But the nice thing is that once I put him down he cried but he stayed in his crib. I rubbed his back and the two times he has woken he has gotten himself back to sleep! Yea!

We have decided that we will do the bottle in the rocker and then put him in bed. From there if he cries we will comfort but not take him out of the crib. Hopefully this will work as smoothly as it did tonight! He is a good sleeper so we just have to get through the transition and I think we will be cool. He doesn't love me rocking him anymore anyway!

See everyone soon!

First trip to COSI!

Yesterday Jimmy and I had to get out of the house... Okay, maybe it was just me! We packed up and went to COSI! I had hoped he would fall asleep soundly enough in the car there that he would get in his first nap, but that didn't happen. Despite being pretty tired, he held on like champ. We played a little in Little Kidspace and had lunch with Aunt Traci. I was able to visit with most people, though there are still people to see when he head back.

He was so tired by the time we left he slept for three hours! Bad Mom to keep him out so long... but I really needed it! Wednesday was a bad day for both of us and I needed a break. I realize that there is a big transition for us both but after waiting so long for him to finally get here I didn't think it would be as hard as it is. I am treasuring every moment, but at the same time I feel really cut off from the rest of the world. So when he is having a bad day I am just lonely and overwhelmed. And Wednesday was a bad day... I don't know if he was teething or what but he wouldn't go down for his naps. We struggled with both. I knew he was so tired but no matter what I did it was a fight. I had finally just put him in his crib with his bottle, but he decided to just play. He was fine until we started trying to get to sleep again.

In the afternoon he slept for maybe 30 minutes and that is being generous. When he woke up we snuggled for awhile and he wasn't fighting me to get down or anything but he obviously wasn't going to go back to sleep even though he about rubbed his eyes out of his head. Finally, I put him in his highchair and reclined it while I made dinner. He was about asleep when the dogs barked at something and woke him up... again!

Then the real trouble started. I was right there with him, but he started jamming his fingers down his throat gagging himself. I tried another bottle, I tried distracting him... nothing seemed to work. He was crying (because I was making him stop!)and I was crying... rough. When Dad got home I think we were both pretty relieved. Dad took him for the night and gave me a much needed break. I watched some TV and took a bath! Very relaxing.

So anyway, we slept great through the night and when we woke up I decided we were out of the house! I think it did us both good and I have such a great, supportive community at COSI that it was truly wonderful to see all of them and share our new family member with them.

Today we head off to the doctor who can hopefully help us determine if the fingers down the throat is teething or some crazy attention getting device. We will mess up his schedule again today but we will just have to deal. He really needs to get in to the doctor.

More pictures to come later!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Some pictures from our first week home. More to come!
Aunt Kristin and Jimmy!

A nervous Uncle Chris... Though he had no problems. Don't know what he was worried about!

Aunt Missy and Jimmy meet at last!

Adam and Jimmy...

A sleepy boy with his Grandma Hawk and Aunt Katy.

Snuggling in Christi's prayer blanket. Thank you Thomas Team for such a precious gift!

I love my Grandma Judy!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Even my sister cannot stop answering her phone with Hola! We are trying to mix in as many Spanish words as we know. Mom came today with a list of Spanish phrases. I don't know if it helped or not or if Grandmas are just cool because he went to both Judy and Mom really easily.

We have had tons of visitors pop in and out. Aunt Missy, Uncle Chris and Julian have been here. I think Julian was a little out of sorts. He doesn't get to come here often and then there were a bunch of us and the new little guy. He did great but didn't seem all that interested in making friends quite yet.

Friday Aunt Traci, Angela and Shayla stopped by. The brought Jimmy a toy from Christi's room and a prayer blanket that had been given to her. I so wanted to bawl when I saw these sweet things. I know they are meant to be used, but I will admit that it is hard for me. I want to protect them! But I also know that Christi would probably scold me if I didn't bundle him up in the blanket. Tonight I think we will use it when we rock to sleep.

Yesterday Uncle J.P. stopped by and helped Brian at the rental. He brought some a little scooter for Jimmy, which at first we weren't sure he would be hip too but he loved it this morning. He has obviously been on one before... or maybe I just don't give him enough credit. He was scooting around this morning making it play music. Too cute.

Last night we went to Todd and Amy's for dinner. They made us a central American meal and toasted Jimmy's arrival with sparkling grape juice. I wanted to cry it was so sweet. We left with a truck load of Adam's clothes. This is one well dressed kid to say the least. Jimmy LOVED Adam. Unfortunately love translated to I want to pull your face off. He crawled around after him. Adam was a champ. He shared his toys and let Jimmy pull himself up on him. He never even batted an eye when Jimmy went for his face. We were of course a little mortified. Brian gave Adam a kickball at one point and said it was his shield. Keep between you two he said... Didn't really work, but it was worth a shot!

It is funny being around the older kids now because they look like giants! We have gotten so used to little Jimmy's size. I kept saying both Adam and Julian had to have grown a foot since we had last seen them.

Today Uncle Chris and Aunt Kristin are finally coming down! So excited to see my brother and sister-in-law! We are also hoping my Aunt and Cousins can come down next weekend for one of the days and then we are going to travel to Kenton for the other. Brian's sister, nieces and the rest of Uncle J.P.'s family have not met Jimmy yet. Can't wait to see him with all his cousins! I have appreciated them being so patient. This house just feels so small when we pack it with people. I have literally felt claustrophobic on more than one occassion. We just aren't used to having people over!

For everyone we haven't seen yet... We're working on it! We are slowly but surely making the rounds. Love you all!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

This week is going great. We have had a couple of friends pop over for short visits and he has been a champ... A little better than Mom and Dad I think.

We are waiting on Grandma Judy to arrive this afternoon. So excited to see her! We are also waiting on my Valentine's present. Brian got us a new washer and dryer!! I have wanted one for soooo long. Our old set were past done from Missy's parents to Missy and I during college and then when I moved out of the house with Missy to Brian and I. They have served us well.

This morning I was able to make a couple of phone calls to friends and family that I haven't been able to contact yet. I talked with my Grandmother who is very excited to meet her great-grandbaby. Jimmy will be her 6th! And then I talked briefly with sweet Melissa at our Vet's office (we do spend a lot of time there!). Melissa and her husband have had some struggles with their adoption process. Yet even through her trials she has been super support of us. We chat every once and awhile about how things are going. Katie called the Vet's on Tuesday because she was afraid our pet turtle was sick... Yes, I have a pet turtle too. When Melissa found out we were stuck in Houston she started calling her friends trying to get us a place to stay if we couldn't make it home that night. Too Kind!

Our big boy!

First bath!

We both survived!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finally some pictures! I downloaded them on the computer throughout the day but I haven't had 5 seconds to do anything with them! We realized pretty quickly we had a little more baby proofing to do and took advantage of nap times to get some things done. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more relaxed.

Enjoy the pictures... more to come.

Ericka, Daphne, Jimmy and us!

Love at first sight!

Jimmy and Dad!

Sleepy boy!



Jimmy in his Little Kidspace shirt!

Lovin that shirt... and the camera!

We're home!

We finally made it home after an exhausting day of travel. I apologize for not getting something on the blog and for making so few phone calls last night but we were at our limit.

We awoke yesterday at 4 Guatemala time (5 here) and got showers and finished packing. We woke Jimmy up at 5 and rushed to get him ready. We made it no problem to the shuttle at 5:30 and ended up being with our friends... thank goodness because with all the excitement and work to get packed we didn't see them the last day. We had gotten a little gift for Timmy and gave his Mom and Dad our email. We can't wait to hear how they did getting home. I heard there were tornados in Florida and I hoped things worked okay for them.

We got through the airport security and everything with absolutely no problems. In fact we were walking to our gate at 6:05! There were several families returning through Houston on the same flight as us. Many friends we had made in the hotel. That flight was a breeze. I literally fought our way off the plane when we landed. I was so afraid we would miss our next flight... Little did I know!

As I sat at immigration (they made Brian wait outside) I could hear the thunderstorm. But I didn't think anything of it. And it didn't last long. But the storm affected the airports ability to communicate with the planes and they diverted 16 flights that our gate worker knew about. We rushed to the gate only to sit for 6 hours. It was terrible! We finally left after 4. I was totally unprepared for such a long lay over. We ran out of juice and formula bottles, wipes and I was down to 2 diapers. Itwas horrifying. He went through is pants and got me. We had to strip him down to just his diaper and T-shirt... Which he actually seemed to prefer.

The second flight was not so much fun. We were tired. He was tired. It was pretty miserable. He did as good - if not better - than you could possibly expect. But it was a verrrrry long flight. I will never - EVER - be mean to families traveling with kids. They should get to travel just like everyone else and now I know how hard it is! I think if I had had another formula bottle I could have gotten him down, but he just wasn't having it on the juice we got on the plane.

When we finally landed we were both so happy and exhausted! I was crying. All these people kept coming up to us and telling us we had done a really good job and so had he. I think they felt bad because I was such a wreck. They didn't even know about the adoption stuff! There was one woman though whom had overheard us talking with one of the employees at the airport about our adoption and she knew. When she stopped us she was practically crying and telling us we had done so well. I was very thankful for everyone's kind words, but you still feel like an inconvience to everyone... and I still just couldn't wait to get home.

Katie and I had spoken several times from the airport and she was glued to the computer checking our flight information. She usually had the information before I did. She met us at baggage claim with hot water for a bottle and blankets and our winter coats. She looked like a little pack mule. We plopped him down on the aiport floor with Katie and I while Brian pulled our bags. I made a quick bottle. He flirted with Katie immediately. He wouldn't let her hold him but he liked her right away. I think everyone is going to have to be prepared for that. I will take some time for you to be able to hold him. Just be patient and he will come around. He doesn't kiss but he will lean his head in for you to kiss him and he did that within 10 minutes to Kate.

We bundled him up and said goodbye to the aiport and were out of there! He dozed for a minute in the car but was sort of freaked out. It was his first time seeing Katie, the long flight, and his first time in a car seat. He did great but I think that was more shock than anything.

We woke him up when we got home and got him out of his snowsuit. We changed him and it took me maybe 15 minutes to get him down. He slept through the night like a big (exhausted) boy!

We unpacked as much as we could and made a couple of phone calls. There were some gifts here. Aunt Traci sent a balloon, flowers and a teddy bear and Aunt Hez sent a bog Pooh compliation. Thank you sweet friends. It was so wonderful to come home and have presents and to know everyone was as excited as us. So appreciated to emotional, exhausted travelers! We cannot wait to see you.

This morning we got up early (so Brian and I are still very tired, but we are doing well). We wanted to make sure we were up before him because in the hotel all he had to do was sit up to see us. Here he is in his own bedroom all by himself. Strange scary place and we didn't want him to get freaked out. We unpacked a little more and waited for him to get up. He woke a little before 7, which would be right on time had he gotten to bed on time. The fact that he got up so early surprised me.

We got him changed and introduced him to his room. He was doing great. Checking out his toys (he loves his new walker!). We had a bottle and danced a little to the bongos and the walker's music.

He seemed hungry so we put him in his high chair and gave him cereal. The entire time he wasn't really sure about the dogs. At first when we put him in his walker Wage stuck his nose in Jimmy's face and that freaked him out. But after that he couldn't take his eyes off them. I have not seen anything distract this kid from food but they did!

I was talking on the phone after he was done eating and Brian re-introduced the dogs. Both did great. The dogs were much calmer and he was much more interested. He petted them both. Emma is being the better of the two - maybe calmer would be a better word, because they are both being pretty darn good - but he seems to prefer Wage. He petted them both and laughed at them.

He flirted with Kate all morning and held out his hands to her about three times. We let her take him all three times and once he was there he decided he didn't really want to be there so we took him right back. But he is totally cool with them playing together. He really seems to like her - just isn't ready to be held by her quite yet.

Around 10 he went down for a nap and I have expect this to be a long one. I gave Katie and bottle and the monitor and jumped in the shower. Now I am typing away.

I will try to get to photos ASAP. I have heard the requests! I just need to get the batteries charged and I will start posting.

For those that want to visit - - please don't be offended but we will call you. I think he will do great around people but we want to make sure we don't have too many here at once. And let's face it, the grandmother's have got to meet him! This weekend will be spent with immediate family and then we will go from there. Like I said I think he is already doing great but we need to take it slow...

We love you all and we cannot wait to see you! Thanks for supporting us and being so patient through all of this. We are so glad to be home and so thankful for our little boy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Last Day in Guatemala!

We had a great - - little bit long - - last day. We met our tour guide Eduardo in the lobby at 9Am. From there were traveled to Antiqua which is absolutely beautiful. Brian kept saying when we come back we should stay here. I think we are both excited to come back when we are not trapped in a hotel and Jimmy is a little older.

Our first stop after leaving the hotel was a beautiful Mayan house outside Antiqua. They weaved beautiful fabrics and grew their own coffee. They dressed me in traditional Mayan dress for a picture. We shared a cup of coffee with them and then purchased some souviners. They gave us each a little doll for good luck. It was really sweet.

After that we went to the jade factory. The tour guide gave us a short tour and then brought us into the show room. We did purchase some jade for him. The jade was very important in the Mayan culture. They would create elaborate pieces including burial masks for the head priests. There was one tomb discovered with over 1,000 jade pieces.

After the jade factory we had a terrific lunch in one of the hotels. The hotel was originally a house and was converted. It was traditional spanish design with the rooms ringing several open aired courtyards.

After lunch we walked the streets a little. Antiqua is truly like being transported back into time. There were 35 churches when the spanish built the city. Several were destroyed or damaged by earthquakes, flooding or volcanos. The city is ringed by three volcanos, one of which is still active. The two volcanos that we photgraphed are called the water and fire volcanos. The fire is the volcano that is still active. Water is dormant, but at one point the caledar, which had filled up with water had an earthquake and collaped... hence the flooding.

We got back to the hotel, both a little tired, and hung out for around an hour before Veronica called. We got his visa and a quick photo with Veronica before practically sprinting to Continentals office. We have a boarding passes all the way through to Columbus and for the first leg to Houston we are the only people in the row... Very nice!

Now we need to get dinner and get packed up... So excited to be coming home!!!
Jimmy's teething seems to really bother him at night. He deals through the day but by the time bed time has come around he is totally over it. Last night it took us around 40 minutes of serious rocking to get him to sleep, but again, once he was done he slept like a rock. We are hoping to get to bed early tonight so we can handle the flights with no problem. We will see what Mister Jimmy has in mind.

Love you guys and see you all very soon!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


So we are hanging out with our friends in the baby lounge and I brought the video camera we borrowed from Missy and Chris with us to get our friends and the room. Well, Jimmy was standing at one of those little activity tables and he decided to let go and stand on his own for a couple of seconds. I turned on the camera hoping he would do it again. Brian was by him to encourage him. Well he not only let go and stood on his own but he took his FIRST STEPS to Brian. AND I GOT IT ON TAPE! Absolutely perfect! I rewound and watched the tape and it was like four steps. Super cool!

Brian said... Wow. We got here just in time didn't we!

Still grinning! Loved it... thank goodness for baby gates!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything is going great today. Jimmy is fussing a little but I think he is just getting ready for his afternoon nap. He had a giantic lunch - ate almost an entire hot dog and some fries. Not the most nutritous lunch but he ate it like a champ and we aren't going to argue.

I don't see any reason why we won't head out to do some more siteseeing tomorrow.

Write you all more later.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

End of day Saturday...

The day began really well and I cannot say that it ended badly but I think Jimmy is cutting a new tooth, which has added to our drama a little. He took a small nap this morning when we went sightseeing and we could tell it wasn't enough. We got back here and had lunch and then put him down again. He slept for an hour which wasn't nearly as long as I had expected. When he woke up he just seemed out of it. We went down by the pool and then came up here to the baby lounge.

We have friended a family from Florida and their son is named Timmy, which is kind of cute. Well the two of them were having fun. Timmy isn't crawling yet. He is darn close - actually might end up skipping it and go on to walking. Timmy was in the walker and Jimmy was on the floor. Timmy seemed fascinated. Jimmy was trucking around and Timmy kept trailing behind him in the walker. I have a great picture of Sean (Timmy's Dad), Timmy and Jimmy in this big line. Really cute. Later they both had dinner here in the lounge and then played a little more. They were too fast for me, but they gave each other a hug. I caught the aftermath in a picture but I missed the hug. We've decided that we will have to keep in touch. Too cute.

There are lots of families here so we have had some great conversations. Families from Texas, Pennslyvania, Boston, Florida, Cali... The list could go on and on. We have heard about families from Ohio that are here as well, but we haven't met them yet.

After his afternoon nap Jimmy just seemed a little out of it. Playing and laughing still but there were times that he would just zone. Then the drool and the poop. Lots of poop. Brian attempted a poopy diaper change and it did not go well. On top of everything (him gagging, Jimmy not quite clean yet rolling over) the diaper stayed off too long and there was a shower. Man did it travel. Brian was peed on and I was pooped on. Too funny. We got him in the sink and cleaned up. He literally sat in the sink chewing on the faucet while I gave him his bath. We gave him som oragel and that seemed to help but not completely. I also gave him some medicine for gas.

He has started a new thing. Every once in awhile he will start shaking his head no. If you shake yours yes he will get really vigorous and shake no. It is really funny. He was fighting sleep and obviously not feeling great (we bought a forehead thermometer at the store downstairs - no fever - just teeth). I am rocking him, trying not to look at him too much because I know he is close, and he starts shaking his head NO! Brian had to cover his face he was laughing so hard.

All things considered once the rocking started it took all of 9 minutes for him to fall asleep. The foster mother said he put himself to sleep and he really hasn't done that yet for us, but rocking is a great bonding time so we are taking advantage of it.

We hope to go to Antigua but might skip it tomorrow and try Monday. We didn't get the call in to Veronica in time to set it up for tomorrow and I want to see how he is feeling.

More to come I am sure...

Saturday Fun!

This morning has been great! We got up well and had some cereal. After breakfast we threw him in the snuggli that Judy bought and headed to the handicraft market. It was open aired and really cool.

We asked for a taxi at the hotel and our great taxi driver Edwin sat in the parking lot of the handicraft market for an hour waiting on us to finish up. Jimmy did great at the market. He fell asleep in the Snuggli in the cab on the way there and slept for about 45 minutes. We had just sat down for coffee at a little coffee shop when he woke up. He holds out his hand all the time which we think is his wave. He went to hold out his hand to Brian and immediately knocked over my latte. First of many I am sure!

We left the market and had Edwin drive us over to the Archaeological Museum. It was amazing. We asked Edwin to wait for an hour but we should have asked for more time. There were tons of reliefs and stealeas from Mayan sites throughout the country. They had a huge 3D map of Tikal and we heard a woman speaking in English to her daughter about what all the different buildings were. We struck up a conversation and both she and her husband were Archeologists. Brian chatted with her husband for quite awhile (one of the reasons we needed more than an hour) but Jimmy was getting bored so we walked through. You can tell the weather here is nice and constant because the middle of the museum is open aired and ourside there are giant reliefs and statues stored out there. It was really amazing.

Edwin was great and essentially hung out with us (or waiting for us) for over two hours and the massive taxi bill... $20. Which included an 8 dollar tip. The thing about this city (or the parts that we have seen at least) is that it isn't cheap. How do people live in this city? It has to be so expensive. I listened to a woman who came down to foster her son. She has lived here for a couple of months in a house she rented outside San Cristobal. She said it costs her a fortune... Not for the house but for everything else. I really don't know how they survive.

We are back at the hotel and Jimmy is bouncing again in the chair here in the baby lounge.

We love all of you and will see you very soon.
Mom- email me directly - Katie has my email and I can email you back. It doesn't give me an email when you leave a comment and the computer takes to long to find your email address.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday comes to a close...

We had a great day even with our schedule being totally thrown in the trash after the Embassy. He still went down for two naps and right now is playing with Daddy in the Baby Lounge while I type away.

Speaking of typing away the email is still giving me fits. I am able to check but only able to reply half the time. It seems to be better this evening so maybe tomorrow will be better and I can reply to all the great emails! Thank you everyone for praying and thinking about us.

Jimmy's foster mother made his baby food (which is amazing!) but because of that he HATES canned baby food. We tried to give him some peas and I thought he was going to yak all over us. Not going to do it. We went to the restuarant and asked for a side of veggies that we could smash into food for him, but instead of just boiling whatever they got out a smorgasbord of veggies and made him a lovely little cup of homemade baby food (which was GREAT. Brian and I both had to try it). He loved it and ate a ton. We have some left over for tomorrow too!

Jimmy also had his first sink bath tonight. He has hated the water. His foster mom held him and sponged him off, but I just wasn't getting him clean that way. So I decided to start slow and put his feet in and then he just sat on down and splashed away. It was great and I feel like I finally got him clean!

Brian has been amazing and he and Jimmy are definitely bonding. Plus he has just been great all around. If I go too long with cart Jimmy around Brian is right there asking what he should be doing or if he can take him. He said he feels guilty. I think it has not only helped me but helped with the two of them. Great husband and Dad!

We are going to try and venture out tomorrow. Today with the wonky schedule it just didn't work, but we are going to try and get up first thing in the morning and head out. We are going to try and do the handicraft market and the archeological museum. Maybe on Sunday we will go to Antiqua. We'll see how much we can accomplish without killing us and him...

Thank you again for all the emails and cheers of support. We feel truly blessed to have such amazing friends and family!

Embassy OVER!!!

We made it through our Embassy appointment with JUST enough diapers. Though I still got peed on in the car on the way back to the hotel! We were at the Embassy for three hours. Veronica said that there has been such an increase in cases that things are running longer.

Again another surreal experience. We walk up to the Embassy to see a crowd of people hanging out by the wall outside. All of these people I think were either applying for residence or travel/tourist visas to the US. But they had to stand and wait outside. There were several - I would call them miltary personnel and since it was the Embassy I would assume I am right - with their machine guns at their side. We went through security and entered the building. The waiting room was very small and crowded with lots of people. Mostly Americans with small Guatemalan children. We waited while Veronica went and filed the paperwork. After about an hour we were called for our first interview. While we were waiting for our first interview - just moments from going in - I realized he had wet himself clear through his outer pants. We waited not daring to lose our place in line and I went and changed him after the first interview. The interview was held in a closet of a room with glass separating us from the Embassy employee. He was very nice and I think the interview lasted all of 5 seconds.

He drank an entire bottle of juice while we waited for our second interview. That was done at a counter. The Embassy employee asked us to raise our right hand and swear that the information in our documents was true... And we were done! We pick up his visa on Monday and we are out of here on Tuesday morning.

This morning was totally stressful and surreal and happy! It's over. Veronica was great and she was really excited when she found out we were both involved in the arts. Brian has been amazing and I think I am walking around so shell shocked that I am not doing a good job of being personable. But he is chatting away. He has been invited to a wedding and we have phone numbers of two lovely women who live here in the city that he friended on the plane. We are going to try and do some sightseeing this weekend. Veronica strongly encouraged us to go to Antigua and I think we would really miss out if we didn't go. The tours are just you and a guide so you can leave to return to the hotel whenever you are ready.

When we got back he had a wet diaper that had leaked through again and we got him changed. Then he immediately - and I mean immediately - took a crap in the new diaper... But to our relief it was SOLID! Veronica also told us that it was probably just from teething and not to freak out. Which I knew but it was nice to see that diaper!

And on top of everything else Jimmy repeatedly held out his hands for Brian to take him. They are definitely connecting.

Things are looking up! Still cannot wait to get home and I practically burst into tears whenever I think about getting him to our house in his room... But things are definitely going better! Miss you all!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Second day is at a close!

I have everything laid out for the Embassy tomorrow. We are hoping everything goes well. We talked to a couple that said it was a breeze and they didn't even have all their paperwork together! So hopefully the same will be true for us. Veronica (our in country rep) is picking us up at 7:45 AM. We should be out of the Embassy by 11.

If anyone talks to my sister please tell her to check her email and email me back to let me know she got it.

End of day stuff. Jimmy latched on to me throughout the day, which was great and Brian kept saying he was just glad he was attaching to at least one of us rather than neither of us, but I could tell it was getting to him. If I left Jimmy's line of sight he would start to cry. Finally I told Brian just to do anything he could and if he cried to hold him tight and I went outside on the balcony. He freaked a little, but when I looked in Brian was bouncing him. There were a couple of moments when Jimmy would put his head down on Brian's chest and just hold on. I stayed outside for about 10 minutes. When I came in I didn't go to him immediately. Just stayed on the fringe talking to him. Well, I don't know if it was the right thing to do - - and if anyone has a rule book for these situations, please let me know - - but ever since then he has let Brian hold him and at dinner he couldn't take his eyes off of him. I think it was a good move.

Now speaking of at dinner... We were getting ready to leave and I noticed Jimmy looked wet. Well he wasn't just wet. And it was EVERYWHERE! Now I know that kids can get the poops at any time. But when you are in a foreign country without your doctor and you are making up the menu and you know the water can cause terrible illness, you get a little nervous when your kid has the runs! He hasn't missed a beat though. After we got him cleaned up and changed he was playing and talking. I brought the thermometer/pacifer thing with us, but he doesn't use a pacifier and I cannot get him to keep it in long enough - but he really doesn't feel warm. He fell asleep pretty easily. He was a little restless at first but I think he was missing that darn turtle pillow his foster mother said he slept with every night (but didn't bring for us!). I put his catepillar in the crib and he rolled over onto it and laid still. We are hoping it was that and not an upset stomache. I emailed Missy to get tips for over the counter remedies if it continues.

Brian and I are feeling fine despite a few mis-steps. We had ice in our glasses at lunch and I rinsed our tooth brushes with tap water. I cleaned them before we used them but you still get nervous. Last thing I want is to be sick!

Thanks for all the emails and notes. I will keep updating. This has been a lifeline and we are loving all the emails and notes.
Love you all!

Second day is going great.

Jimmy eats like a champ! Anything we have put in front of him he has eaten without question or issue. He is definitely in 12 month clothes. The PJs we put him in last night are the perfect size without a lot of room to grow and they were 9 - 12. We have gone through one diaper change... and am waiting on the next. He isn't a fan of baths or diaper changes so far.

Brian and he are starting to bond. I think the fact that I was a woman is the only thing that has gotten me through. Brian he seemed a little wary of. He isn't really letting Brian hold him yet but he through a fit when Brian went out of the room to get us coffee. Wasn't having it. The temper tantrum allowed me to finally get him out of the crib. Since then we have been doing well.

He is allowing me to hold him. He had a bottle with cereal and then some juice. We ate some snacks that I brought and he shared McDonald's with us (yes, there is a McDonald's next door to the hotel and a Burger King across the street!). He tried a little of the orange/banana baby food I brought but the spoon I brought is crap. It is meant for older baby.

Right now Brian and Jimmy are playing on the floor together. It isn't his nap time but we might try to put him down for a little. I don't know how well he slept last night (even though he did sleep all the way through until 6 this morning). His sleep seemed a little tortured with the crying hiccups throughout the night. Regardless I was able to sleep and am feeling much better this morning. Hopefully he can get a good nap in and feel better this afternoon!

We probably will not be making calls. I will call Katie as planned on Friday but we found out that the charge is $4 a minute and we probably blew a lot of our phone call money last night. We will see!

Love everyone and see you soon.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We're Here!!

We made it absolutely fine. We were stressed about going through customs for the first time but realized probably this wasn't the customs to get freaked out about. They collected our forms and didn't even look at our baggage. I guess the problem is getting things out of here not in...

Anyway we were certainly pegged as clueless Americans very quickly. I won't knock the people that were helping us because they defintely work for their tip but they wouldn't leave us alone! Finally the hotel shuttle showed up and we were on our way to the hotel. The hotel is very nice. Right now I am in the baby lounge where they have a very slow computer and tons of toys... This is the room we met our son in!

At 3:30(ish) Veronica (our aid in country), the attorney's wife, Ericka (Jimmy's foster Mom), Daphne (Ericka's daughter) and Jimmy all arrived. It was the most surreal 90 minutes of my life. He was right there. And he seemed very aware that something was up. Ericka was totally in love with him and began crying as soon as she saw us (if not before... I have a feeling it was probably before). We talked and got his schedule and basic information and then just sat for a little bit. Daphne played with Jimmy like a sister and brother would. It was sweet and so very sad. Ericka and Daphne finally said goodbye. We were all crying but Ericka gave me the best hug. She asked for pictures and we will gladly send them.

After they left it took Jimmy about 15 minutes to realize they were gone and weren't coming back. Then our test as new parents began. He cried... no sobbed... for around 3 hours. Uncontrollable. And of course we don't have a freakin clue what to do. Bottom line... I don't think there would have been anything we could have done. We had given him a sucker to distract him from Ericka leaving and he clung to it like a life line. It was all over me, him, the room... my hair. Finally to tortous screams I had to pry it from his hand. We gave him a sponge bath and dressed him in PJs. We brought him down here to the baby lounge and rocked him to sleep. Right now he is out but he went down around 90 minutes before his usual bed time. I think he missed his afternoon nap and the marathon screaming probably didn't help. Hopefully he will sleep through the night because to be perfectly honest I am more exhausted than I have ever been... emotionally and physically.

You tell yourself this is going to be the best day of your life but it is stressful and really quite sad. I know once we get this over with and get home things will relax, but for right now... I just feel terrible. For Jimmy and Ericka. Their pain has certainly overshadowed my happiness.

I talked to Katie for a minute or two and it was good to get some encouragement. I will be talking with her Friday after the Embassy appointment and will try to keep on the blog in between.

Keep your fingers crossed for a wonderful second day.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Thank you for being our fantastic friends and family. We have had so many phone calls today wishing us well. I have been trying to not barf all day! So excited and nervous. Katie arrived safetly and has the blog information. I will try to update her throughout the trip and I am showing her right now how to post so she can leave messages about how we are doing. We may also be able to update ourselves and use email in the hotel.

We will do our best to keep in touch and if we don't talk to you before we will next week safe and sound.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Freakin' OUT!

Yep. I am officially freakin' out. I have had a list going of all the things that needed to happen before we left and I really haven't checked anything off. I think yesterday and this morning I was a little paralyzed. Just sort of sat around spacing out. Brian and I went on a date last night and we are eating dinner. Brian must have asked me 20 times if I was alright. I am. Just sort of drifting.

Finally today I went to get some travel supplies and I started on document organizing. I told Brian I don't want us to look like morons at the Embassy so everything was going into a nice expandable file with neat labels. In reviewing everything - - thank God I did! - - I noticed that in the instructions for several of the documents I had handwritten it clearly stated that they must be typed and would not be accepted by the Embassy handwritten. Crap! I got that all straightened out - though I must ask, Why didn't the agency rep who reviewed these things just remind me?

Then I noticed that one of the forms we signed and had notarized we weren't supposed to sign yet. That's done in Guatemala. Crap! Printed a nice clean copy of it.

Then one of the forms that we hadn't signed yet needs to be signed and notarized... I think here in the states. Crap! We have time to fix all of this. That's why it was on the list to go through it all now. But catching all of these mistakes certainly didn't make me feel any better!

I really, really just want all of this over with! I want to be home with my son and not have to worry about I-600s or I-171Hs or whatever other mysteriously numbered documents you can think of!

Tomorrow is my last day at work. I have all day on Tuesday and really there isn't that much to do. Jimmy's stuff has been packed. The house needs sweeped and straightened up but we have kept up on it so it shouldn't take long. And then we need to pack.......... Regardless, though I just want it over!