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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So just to wax philisophical for a minute...

We are sitting here waiting impatiently for the President Elect's acceptance speech and I just have to say how excited I am.

I have been ready for a new day for awhile... To see new leadership and a new face of America. But now it means so much more!

As we sit here, in our inner city house, listening to the cheers, honking of horns and fireworks exploding around us I want to cry (okay, maybe I already did a little). I know that my child will have hurdles and issues... But I am the mother of a minority child and I am so proud of my country for looking beyond race and embracing a new day!

I don't want to get ahead of myself but next a woman! Then a Latino!

I posted a whole bunch of stuff so keep reading to get the updates on the person you all visit to read about...

Trick or Treat!!
Jimmy didn't seem to love his costume at first. He would wear it for about 5 minutes before trying to take it off. I was pretty convinced we were going to end up carrying it instead of wearing it. But we took him to a little event down at our local Kroger. Our friend Stevie works there and everyone fawned all over him. He insisted on wearing it - even all through dinner.

The boys getting ready to trick or treat!

Jimmy got it. He knew what to do and what his reward was! Next year I will be a little more prepared for the massive temper tantrums to get candy - - RIGHT NOW! What are you going to do? I kind of wanted some right then too!

Skull Session at OSU before the Penn State Game. So much fun! Jimmy seemed awed by the crowd of almost 15,000... so were we. But whenever the band would stop playing he would ask for more. And of course there was the moment when everyone got quiet and he figured out that if he yelled his voice really carried. That was fun, too!

Last stop of the night to trick or treat and see Aunt Chris!

Carving my first pumpkin!!!

Well... so far so good. Might as well keep going with the new pictures!
LOVIN' the Sesame Street exhibit at COSI.

I LOVE Elmo!

Reading to Uncle Jason.

My first pumpkin.

Hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

Slacker Mom!
I know everyone is waiting to see Halloween pictures. I thought it would be very easy to sit tonight and download pictures and update the blog... but alas! I think everyone else is playing on the web. I keep getting kicked off! I will try to get some more pictures up tomorrow evening. For now here's some fun stuff we did earlier this month...

Running through the pumpkin patch.

Hanging out with the super cool firemen at COSI's Emergency Day.

Driving the trooper car... Yes, I had to drag him out!

Waiting to take a seat in the Med Flight Helicopter which we got to see land on the front lawn of COSI. SUPER COOL!