My Family

Friday, August 27, 2010

Who is this giant of a kid?

All of the sudden Jimmy seems huge... Every couple of months I just look at him and think, "Wow. He's huge!" And we're in one of those phases...

Brushing his teeth...

Playing with his Elmo umbrella.

Swimming with G-ma.

Paint didn't end up where the paint was supposed to end up. And what have you been doing with your nose, sir?

This is what I'm talking about. How old is this kid? Brian's friends/clients sent home this soccer stuff. Jimmy was super excited and had to try them immediately!

There were a lot of kids transitioning to new classrooms so the daycare had a graduation. All the kids made their own mortar boards.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Handsome little man...

We've had a great summer and done lots of fun things. But I also have been rehearsing/performing a full length show, which is a decent time commitment, and Brian has been playing out with his band. The last week before the show opens I had to go Sunday through Saturday with something every single night. By the Thursday Jimmy was a bit of a mess. He was acting out at drop offs and it was just really hard. I decided to take Monday off and we celebrated my birthday by having a date - just the two of us. I promised to take him to the farm to see Kate... And of course it was closed. So I tracked down another and drove up to Malabar Farm. I've always wanted to stop. It was okay. We have just as good a time at Slate Run which is a lot closer... But we did get to spend some time together and that was all that really mattered!
Malabar Farm had a parrot - I guess one of the previous owners had a parrot? And this funny game where you could be a DJ. Pick a drum beat and bring in different birds whose songs would get incorporated into your rocking tune. Jimmy played for a REALLY long time. All the while holding one ear? Maybe he say some DJ holding an earphone like this? I have no idea...
Anyway he would be rocking out on one side and the parrot would be freaking out on the other. It wouldn't talk if you were looking at it but if you moved out of its line of sight it would start whistling for you and calling Hello! Jimmy finally said, "Please go talk to him so I can make music!" And I did.
Master James playing with the play stuff at Malabar Farms.

Jimmy's first sleep over. He spent the night with Julian and the Bairs and Brian had to fight with him to get him to come home the next morning! Didn't miss us one bit. Needless to say there was much texting, etc. the whole night.

Tonight he is at his second sleep over at my Mom's fancy hotel room. I know he's fine and we've spent the night apart lots of times before but still it turns me into a big pile of mush. Not a fan!

I know I have got to get over it cause some day he'll want to go to camp or something. It will be a lot longer than one silly night!