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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Pictures!

This medical update was a little confusing. They seemed to have listed his weight incorrectly so I got a little confused. I forwarded everything on to the Pediatrician and she said he is growing fine and was able to give us some information on a medical condition mentioned on the update. The medical update said he was tongue-tied. This occurs when the skin holding the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is to large and extends the length of the tongue. Since it isn't affecting his eating they are not suggesting that anything be done about it right now - which I am thankful for. I would rather wait til he is home, unless of course it was a crisis. From everything I have read and from what the Pediatrician was able to tell us, it seems that most children learn how to compensate and do not require anything significant. Some do need surgery, but since he is eating fine now there isn't any reason to freak out about it and they will evaluate him when we bring him home. This was the first real time that I started to freak out a little. I know he is fine - if anything I was concerned they would go ahead and do the surgery in Guatemala and that had me more worried than anything else. I do want him home, but since we have been so slow in getting things together I feel like it is okay to wait. But when I read this on the medical report I wanted to run down there and get him now. I am sure there will be other things along the way that will have me in fits and I had better just relax and get to work on the baby's room...

Regardless, we think he is pretty cute and looks great. His cheeks are filling out and he looks really alert and active. They sent other pictures but they are all a little blurry - I think because he wouldn't stay still.

One more month down...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Brian greeted me with coffee in bad and a cute card for my first pseudo-mother's day. It still feels a bit like a dream. I know the reality will come soon enough and if I don't get to work on the baby's room, even with all this time to prepare, I think I may be scrambling at the end.

Vacation photos finally -
Our first day included a volcano hike and a little caving

Then we were on to the ice cave and inscription rock

Bisti Badlands

Saw a bunch of wildlife including pronghorn, elk, deer, and jackrabbits. That was all just driving around!

Chaco Canyon - super cool Indian ruins. Very windy out though!

The ground was literally covered with artifacts at Coronado National Monument. These were found near the trail with only a couple of minutes of looking. We didn't take them! Thought it was pretty cool just to find them. I know archaeology is expensive but hand me a sift and trowel and I would have stayed all day...

Anyway - we did a lot of other cool stuff. Hiked Petroglyph National Monument, went to a museum in Santa Fe, visited Loretto Chapel, stayed at a haunted hotel - no signs of ghosts though - drove around on dirt roads in the middle of no man's land, and did a little camping. We didn't camp as much as we thought we would. 1. It was still pretty cold at night. 2. Most of the camp grounds in the mountain areas don't open their shower facilities til after Memorial Day. Lessons learned.
I will post more pictures later.