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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Vacation Pictures

My most favorite landscape in the world - The Saguaro National Forest
Another picture of Jimmy in his new cowboy hat. The kid is a total joker.

Mercedes restuarant in Patagonia AZ - another of Bri and my's favorite places. The first time we visited Patagonia we ate breakfast at this restuarant and listened in on all the local ranchers. Conversations about the foal that was born last night, etc. Very picturesque.

Waling around Patagonia. In about 3 minutes Jimmy's going to pee his pants...

We tried to travel the way that Bri and I typically travel. We don't think Jimmy always approved. I told him we were going to go to the state park. He heard park and thought playground. I said park and meant hike. Needless to say, later that afternoon we did find a playground.

In jail at Old Tucson... exactly where they belong. In about 3 minutes Jimmy is going to pee on my pants...
Giving the actors in the stunt show at Old Tucson high 5s.
On the train ride at Old Tucson. Had to do this twice we had so much fun.
Making funny faces while we wait for our valentine's day ice cream
On another exciting note - we got Jimmy's new birth certificate today! His name is now official James Edward Barlup. I showed him the birth certificate and told him his name was now official. I said, "Right here it says your official name - James Edward Barlup." He got really ticked off and said, "My name is JIMMY." and stomped off. He wasn't quite as excited as me...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We just returned from our big trip out west to celebrate Jimmy's 2nd adoptaversary.

Jimmy eating ice cream at Old Tucson - the Hollywood of the desert. This studio city was set up to film many a western. It hasn't been used in awhile but is now an amusement park of sorts.

Traveling with an almost 3 year old - especially one as (let's call it) indepedent as Jimmy can be really challenging. So yes, we bribed him with ice cream.

As the woman Jimmy befriend at the airport today put it - Jimmy has never met a stranger. Stranger danger - Whatever! Here he crashed the stage at an artist festival in Tubac AZ. Luckily the very lovely performer just took him right up on her lap and showed him around.
Trying on his new cowboy hat.

We hiked in Patagonia AZ - one of my favorite places in the world. Bri and I camped here for several days on our first trip out to AZ. Here we finally made it to the beach (as Jimmy called it). We had lunch by the creek and let Jimmy play. He threw rocks and waded forever. He had a blast.

On our hike we talked about how you couldn't touch the cactus - which we ended up calling the pokers. He stopped everyone we met - not just this day, but every day - to make sure they knew not to touch the pokers.
He definitely missed the routine. He didn't like that he couldn't watch his favorite TV show. He didn't like that he couldn't go up to his room and play with Daddy. He missed his doggies. But at least one evening jumping on the hotel bed was pretty cool.
We stopped outside of this little town cause the landscape was so interesting - and because Jimmy had to pee and Lord only knew how long til a real restroom. We took a dirt road back and walked around for awhile. This picture doesn't do it justice. The whole area was covered in these huge boulders. It was really quite beautiful.

Brian, his Dad and his Dad's friend Ron. Aside from celebrating Jimmy's adoptaversary we took Bri's Dad out for a visit with his friend. Ron was nice enough to put us up for a night. Thanks Ron!

One of Ron's dogs Auggie. I LOVED this dog.

All in all, it was a memorable trip. It started off a little rough, and I did think it might be cut short, but we made it through. Jimmy did okay, though we did hit some rough parts. He regressed on potty training pretty significantly. We tried - and he tried - but I did absolutely have to spend most of the day in pee soaked pants at least once.
He is on such a consistent schedule here that we really threw him for a loop. Poor little guy didn't know if he was coming or going. But he is super friendly. You can just tell there's something special about this kid. More than once - and maybe everyone gets this, I don't know - he would be loud (he only has 1 volume and it ain't quiet) and we would be freaking out trying to keep him quiet or from running around or from throwing something - and someone would come up and say, He's great. Don't worry about it. - Like the poor folk singer who totally had her staged crashed by a three year old! I don't know if I would have been so kind. There's some lesson here....