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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day and Easter and Spring... Officially the worst blogger ever!

We took a trip to the farm. Jimmy checked out the old buggies that were in one of the side barns. I have missed our trips to the farm and am happy to be back!
And its spring so there were babies! Lots of baby lambs. Some were days old.
Jimmy coloring Easter eggs.
Hanging with Grandma Hawk as my Mom has been named.

Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt at Shiller Park.
I figured Jimmy was old enough to take to the hunt own his own but he took in elbow in the first .75 seconds out of the box and I had to walk with him. It was crowded.

Easter morning looking for eggs in our backyard. Thanks Easter bunny!
Checking out my stash at Grandma Judy's.

We had fun seeing the kids. Macy and Marlee both scored well in the hunt! We missed Morgan but now that she is soon getting her license (!) perhaps we will see her soon?

DID NOT need a nap at Grandma Judy's (LIAR!).
I heard that the Shazzbots (our favorite local kids band) was playing at the Earth Day celebration at Franklin Park. I decided to leave work early and pick Jimmy up. We stayed for hours! Danced and had veggie dogs and Jimmy got his face painted... No unicorns and butterflies for this kid. Bring on the MONSTER!