My Family

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Happy Fourth!

We went camping this past weekend with the Bairs (x2). For the first time Andy, Charlene and Avery joined us. Camping isn't usually high on their list of fun things to do - and they didn't last the entire weekend - but we did have a good time.

I was a bum and for some reason didn't take a lot of pictures. Luckily here's a couple that Charlene snapped of Avery and Jimmy getting ready to go swimming.

We went to Clay's Resort near Canton. If it hadn't been so busy - and if they had enforced quiet hours - I'd be raving about it. Since they didn't - probably not going back. But they do have a really nice lake/water park area. We swam both Saturday and Sunday for a large portion of the afternoon.

We also watch fireworks there at the park. It was a hill-billy haven with a big dance party in the center of the campground. They shot the fireworks off over the fishing lake and they were really well done. We were all pleasantly surprised at the quality of the fireworks show.

They also had cute things like a little shed with kids crafts and activities, putt-putt course and some other things.

So it was a good weekend. It would have been great if there hadn't been 1 redneck family shooting each other with BB guns at 2 am and another redneck family chopping wood until 3 am. Who are these people and why don't they sleep?

Regardless - Happy 4th!