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Friday, March 28, 2008

Conquering Daycare!
The past couple of days have flown. Jimmy has done really well in day care. The boys seem to be getting along wonderful and he loves Angel.

Last night I was a little late getting Jimmy and Missy got home. (Missy's last name is Bair. This will be important later.) Missy was holding Jimmy and Julian wanted up too. She held them both and Jimmy started chattering. Julian leaned in and said, "Jimmy Bair shhhhh!" Brothers already!

Being around the big kids has helped Jimmy tremendously. Angel said today, "Jimmy is officially a walker." He has been taking big trips around the room. And has been standing up without pulling himself up onto things. He still crawls a lot of the time but he has made leaps and bounds the last three days. Also he has started chattering a ton. I knew he would want to do what the big kids were doing but I had no idea it would all happen so fast. Here we go!

I am headed home this evening at bed time (hopefully Jimmy sleeps in the car!) so my Father and Grandmother and whomever else is able to swing by can meet him. I am not really worried about the car ride tonight, though getting back on Sunday could be interesting...
Here's some fun pictures from Easter.
My Favorite Shelf...

Easter morning. I love candy!

Opening the bibs from my shower.

Enjoying the spoils of the Easter egg hunt. Tootsie rolls rock!

The Easter egg hunt.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have some great pictures from the last weekend, but it is getting late and I am getting tired. I will try and download them before the weekend.

I have been playing pretend with myself that this day wouldn't come but it's here! We have lined up a fantastic nanny for the boys. I know she is going to be great with Jimmy and Julian and it is nice that they will get to spend time together growing up. Maybe they will get to be as good of friends as their parents are! But now it means I have to leave him! I sat this morning giving him his bottle and just started bawling. I have wanted to go back to work... Frankly I have missed it terribly. But now that it is here I don't want to go!

I am glad that we didn't start on Monday but instead I had a couple more days (even though Monday was pretty terrible. He wouldn't sleep AT ALL! No naps makes for cranky Jimmy and Jenn.). Today was great. He went down for his naps like a champ and we ran and got a bunch of stuff for him.

We met up with Angel our nanny (Yes, her name is Angel and she is...) this evening and spent a little over an hour. The kids are already starting to get comfortable with each other. They will need a little bit of time to work things out, but they'll get there. On our way back home I started bawling again... This just sucks!

I think Brian was a little surprised at how upset I was considering I have been excitedly talking about going back to work for awhile. I knew I would be sad but it took me by surprise too. Now as long as I can get him in the house and leave without falling apart tomorrow everything will be fine.

The plan is to take him after his first nap. That will give Angel some time in the house just she and Julian. I will hang out for a little bit than head in to work. There is a lunch meeting and I think it might be a nice way to slide back in. No public. Closed doors. I will stay at work for a couple of hours (I am going to shoot for 4) and then go pick him up. I told Angel I do not want this to be traumatic. I know kids often cry when they have to go to daycare but I don't want him screaming for hours. If we can't make it 4 hours tomorrow we won't. We are going to try to get to a full day on Friday.

Keep your fingers crossed that we have a sane Mom and a happy baby!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Where the heck have I been?

I am sorry for not having posted in so long! There has been a ton of stuff going and if you want to see it all you will have to read the next three or four posts.

We have had a great couple of weeks! The last week or so has been primarily spent freaking out about day care. We thought we had something lined up and it fell threw. We interviewed a great woman who Missy and I would share. She has a lovely daughter and she would come to Missy's house to watch the boys. She had interviews lined up all week and I thought there was no way she would ever pick us. Well, after freaking out and calling/email/interviewing a bizzillion people, she did! Thank you Jesus! So we are set to start transitioning him starting on Wednesday. I will take it slow over the three days but I am more worried about me than I am about him. I think he will do great and she is really sweet...

This weekend we have decided to stay in town instead of traveling around. There is an Easter egg at the park tomorrow morning that we are going to take him to. I know it is a little ridiculous since he isn't even walking, but I am excited to do something special for our first big holiday together.

We went to the eye doctor and had his vision checked. The doctor told us that he would more than likely need glasses. Now isn't the time but we should plan on it in a few years. I am sad to hide his beautiful eyes but it isn't the worst thing!

Fun pictures down below and in the following posts.
Celebrate Traci! Now she can really raise eyebrows when she tells people her age! How would believe she is 30!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I ate all my cake!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy's girlfriend!
One of my longest and dearest friendships has been with my sweet friend Brandy. Brandy now lives in Vegas and we do not get to see each other very often. She flew here three years ago and stayed with us over New Year's Eve, but that was the last time we were able to get together. When Jimmy came home she called me and said you tell me when I can come and visit. We talked about it and she was able to come out for this past week. She flew all night Sunday night to arrive early Monday morning... Poor girl landed 45 minutes early. Whose flight ever arrives 45 minutes early? I was not ready to leave and she had to stand around the airport waiting on me! She left beautitul - - warm - - Vegas to fly here and sleep on my lumpy futon and then we send her home with a cold!

It was wonderful having her here. She visited a day care with me, went to the eye doctor with Jimmy and I and just generally made my week great! And Jimmy LOVES her. Who wouldn't? But man he couldn't get enough!
Thanks Brandy for a great visit!

Everyone who knows us knows we have a petting zoo. Many people have asked how the animals are adjusting... how Jimmy is doing with them? Well here is a little picture series to show you how well everyone is doing.
Cats are cool!

I LOVE the cat!

Where'd he go?

Aunt Shelly swung by for a visit and to give Jimmy his birthday presents. She bought him to books that come with CDs of kids songs. Could be more perfect. I have decided to take Jimmy home so he can meet the rest of my family and those CDs are going to come in handy during the drive. Thanks Aunt Shelley!

Jimmy opens his presents from Aunt Cindy and Grandma Judy...

What do you mean I can't eat this tissue paper?

Mack and Jen and the kids had us over for a lovely dinner and birthday bash. It was a great evening and we are truly lucky to have such great friends...
Cutie Stone!

Mack and Jimmy...

Jen and Jimmy... Pass the baby!

Celeste and Aunt Heather came by. They brought his birthday presents and had lunch with us. Again, another great visit and thanks for all our wonderful family!

Celeste and Aunt Heather help Jimmy open his presents!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

1ST Birthday!
Despite the crazy weather some great friends were able to join us for his birthday bash. Thank you to all who braved the snow. For those of you that weren't able... no worries! Here's some pictures to tide you over until I can figure out how to get video on here.
Lots more pictures in the several posts below...

Adam helps us blow out the candles!

Now what?

What am I supposed to do with this!?!

Want some Mom?

I caught on! Now I know what I am supposed to do with that stuff!!

Birthday Madness!
Jimmy's Cake. Yes we got him his very own cake!

The big cake!

The boys, Adam, Julian and Jimmy all check out one of his toys.

More toys to check out...

Mommy helps to unwrap some things. Thanks everyone!

I forgot to put his hat on him while he ate his cake but at least I did get some pictures after the fact with it on! #1!

Day out to the Park!

I can't remember whether this was Wednesday or Thursday... whichever day was pretty nice outside. I had decided that I wasn't going out this last week because we have had such trauma with our afternoon nap, but then it was so nice out we went to the park anyway! Here's some pictures from the park.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Trip to Kenton...
These pictures are from our first trip back to Kenton. In going through them I realized I am missing some photos with people. I know Payne held him and I missed that and I don't have one of Jimmy and Aunt Cindy! We will remedy that this coming weekend.

Despite the sad circumstances the trip back to Kenton was good. Brian has a pretty close knit group of friends and everyone was out to support J.P. and his family. We got to visit with people and Jimmy was very well behaved. He is making this ridiculous face these days and he will now do it when asked. If he gets a laugh - which he did - it will go on and on. Too funny.

More pictures of our trip to COSI in the post below.

Aunt Shelley and Jimmy

Macy and Jimmy

Jimmy and Morgan

For me!!! Thanks everyone!

Aunt Heather and Jimmy

Gilly and Jimmy

Chillin' with G-ma!

Jimmy introduces himself to Molly and Shiloh

Playing at COSI!

Okay, so who needs the raincoat anyway...

Jason busted us out of the house and played with us at COSI.

Sliding is cool.

Safety first!

Can I put this in my mouth?