My Family

Monday, September 13, 2010

The dog days... I should look that phrase up cause now that I have written it, I'm not sure it means what I think it means... I'll let you know.

We headed back to Slate Run for a day. Had a great time. Some time I will post some of the artsy shots I took around the farm. I am having a blast with the new camera that Brian bought me for my birthday. I am trying to actually learn what the settings are for, etc...

This mommy cow and young cow were snuggling. I think this is last year's calf It was really cute...

Went to the Thiels for the first OSU game. Jimmy worked on his Halloween costume...
One of the things Jimmy and I did Labor Day weekend was to head to COSI. We hadn't been to play in awhile. Had a lot of fun and had to spend some time with Aunt Traci who was stuck working. I think Jimmy got a little freaked out this time by how many people he didn't know knew his name.
Got a fat lip. He's had stitches, etc. but this one was a good one. He and I were home just the two of us. I snuck upstairs to change my clothes and suddenly hear him crying. I thought - Oh he doesn't realize I'm up here. So I holler - in my frustrated voice - I'm up here! He turns the corner - covered in blood - crying, I hurt my lip. Woops!!! After hearing the story a couple of times I think he fell on his way up the stairs to get me.

Serious Dr. Jimmy at COSI.

For my crazy adventure also over Labor Day I took Jims to Put-N-Bay. Just he and I. And we had a blast. I am so glad he is so adventurous. We went on the Saturday of Labor Day and it was so windy the waves were up. Sitting in the middle of the upper deck we got soaked. If he hadn't thought it was so awesome and laughed so much I probably would have gotten sick. I was just starting to feel really queasy when he started cackling. It was a lot of fun.

We just stayed for a couple of hours but still it was really, really fun. Here we sifted for gems.

Went to the chocolate museum for treats. It warmed up enough that we sat outside and ate our snack.
Throwing rocks at the ferry dock. Super fun day. When I was a kid my parents rented a house on Kelley's Island for a week. It was one of those vacations that I will always remember. Fishing off the dock Swimming and riding bikes. I am going to start looking into it for next summer. I'd love to do it again.

Went for a walk last weekend at a local park. Jimmy rolled down a little hill - hence the grass on his shoulder.

Playing at the park...

I'm not quite ready for the end of summer and I hope these lovely mid-70s days hang on for awhile. This is my perfect weather!!! Happy Fall everyone!