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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pictures finally!

Thanks Linda for the suggestion on getting the flash drive... I haven't gotten one yet, but plan on it! We did find a place to order another cord from and now we are ready to catch everyone up... There are several posts with pictures so if you want to see what we've been up to the last several months keep scrolling.

Jimmy is doing great with his tubes in his ears. The surgery was quick and went well - though he was very upset following it. With his tongue he came back to us smiling and happy but that wasn't the case this time. He calmed down pretty quickly, but it was sad for awhile.

Already his speech is getting clearer. I almost think that it is more that he can hear himself better than him actually hearing us... But what do I know? We go in at the end of the month to have him checked to make sure they look okay but so far so good!

Feeding the ducks last weekend.

Playing tee ball in the backyard. One of my cool birthday presents.

Uncle Jason brought me a potty! (And yes, it was a really toilet seat. Those of you who know Jason aren't surprised, I'm sure. And yes Jimmy absolutely loved it)

Thanks for my Birthday presents Aunt Traci!

My 2nd Birthday! (and yes, blue icing stains!)

Thanks for my b-day presents Grandma Judy!

Jimmy decided that he wanted pigtails like the girls in his class and his teachers obliged!

Jimmy walking Wage at the cabin where we celebrated our first adoptaversary!

Jimmy and Brian coloring at the cabin.

Eating cake to celebrate our adoptaversary.

Taking a walk out in the snow outside our cabin.

Brian and Jimmy chilling in the cabin in Hocking Hills celebrating Jimmy's 1st adoptaversary!

Celebrating first time going on the potty in February. School is unfortunately holding us a back a little. He hasn't been able to transition to the next class yet. Once that has happened it will be game on!

Playing in the snow!

Finger painting with Momma in the kitchen!