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Friday, August 24, 2007

Paperwork update

The hearing appointment did happen! We are now waiting for pre-approval and the social worker's report. The say the social worker's report can take a month of so to be completed, but we are hoping it moves faster. The pre-approval can also take awhile, but as soon as both are in we can be submitted to PGN! I asked the agency today how worried I should be about stuff and she said that everyone is a little nervous with things changing in Guatemala, but that they have had a couple of families get through PGN on their first try. Please, please let this be a new trend and let that happen to us!

We are in no way near done yet - but the things are getting checked off the list. Now it is just getting down to time...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

August Pictures!

We think he is looking great!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Yea for fast Social Workers!

Received an update that today the hearing appointment was supposed to happen. Of course, I won't know until next Friday if it actually took place, but just the fact it was schedule so quickly goes to show things are looking up.

Will let everyone know more as soon as we know!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Family Court

I should receive another update tomorrow, but Brian's Mom called last night and asked whether we were back in Family Court. I realized with the intestinal infection mess I hadn't updated everyone. Crossing of fingers worked, because we were resubmitted, like they had hoped, on August 2... Now to find out if this one is speedy. Let's hope so.

On another note - Angela and Shayla visited last week at work. They were very sweet and suprised me for my birthday with a cake and balloons. Unfortunately, I once again didn't get to spend much time with them. But I hope everyone can keep them in their thoughts and prayers. As the very sad month of September approaches and as school is starting, they are really struggling with the loss of our precious Christi. Life can be so hard and unfair. And that isn't saying half of it.

In addition, Brian's neice Morgan could use some positive thinking. Things are still very early on, but it looks like Morgan does have tethered cord. And while this is treatable it could require surgery and lord only knows what else. I know it will be a relief down the road when everyone can say thank goodness we caught it. And thank goodness its fixed, but until then it is a little scary. I will keep everyone posted. If surgery does happen it will more than likely be in Cleveland where Marley had hers and with my brother right there we should be able to travel up no problem. But that is down the road and we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Intestinal Infection Update...

The pediatrician looked over the info but really didn't have anything helpful to tell us so I forwarded it on to Missy - whom I probably just should have asked in the first place. She said the medicine he is being given is the same kind of medicine people are given if they go somewhere like Mexico and drink the water. He probably got the infection from the water mixed with his formula and it isn't any big deal. Easily treated and as he spends time there he will become use to the water.

The other thing she told me - which was really helpful - was that what we have to remember for long term is that these medicines gave him a rash. So the class of antibiotics that he is taking we will not want to give him in the future. Done and done! So great to have a smarty-nurse-best-friend. On Monday I am going to ask the pediatrician again and tell her what Missy said to make certain she remembers this information for when he comes home but no worries for now.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Last post for the night...

Before Katie left she helped me to string the alphabet cards I bought and when Brian got home we hung them up. My Mom had sent down crib bedding and we put it on and snapped pictures so Mom could see it. I was sooo sad to see Katie leave! I loved hanging out with her for the Pat Benetar birthday bash. Very fun.

On another note - I sent my first care package to Guatemala. I must admit, it might be the only care package to Guatemala. I had been given baby clothes from friends at work and others, but they were all 3 - 6 months, which he is already in. So I thought, why not send it down there and he can use it now. It isn't going to be of much use when he gets home. Well, for 2 pounds of baby clothes I spent over $100 shipping it. Ouch! We will see if I can send things through the agency from now on...

We also received another medical update and I immediately sent it on to the pediatrician at children's. Grandmothers do not freak out! It seems he had an intestinal infection, which it sounds like was treated with antibiotics, but the antibiotics gave him a rash so he is also on some other medicine for it. Brian asked if this was a 3rd world country thing, and since I haven't really heard of baby's with intestinal infections here I am thinking it may be, but I don't really know. The pediatrician is really good about responding quickly so I expect I will have some more information soon.

On a funnier note, the foster mother's English is okay but in the reports she kept writing she instead of he. I called Brian and told him that our son has magically turned into a daughter.

Finally, we received the DNA test results and the birth mother of James is actually his birth mother. Sounds silly, but it was actually a pretty big concern of mine and I am relieved that came back okay. So now we know things are legit from that end.

We should receive another paperwork update tomorrow and I will know whether we are back in family court or not. Keep your fingers crossed!

Katie visits and we attend the Pat Benetar concert at the Ohio State Fair... Quite the adventure!

Two nice gents who were sitting behind us took this photo for us. They told us were had wasted the better part of our youth because this was music from their generation and we shouldn't know all the words! But come on, who doesn't know all the words to Hit me with your best shot!

Katie stopped this older man and asked for a pen because she was determined to meet Pat and get her autograph. Katie thought this man was rather - as she put it - frail looking and should be a nice fellow to ask a pen from. Then she noticed his backstage pass. Now, she swears she kindly asked him where he got his pass, but as I watched a couple of yards away, the man about knocked Katie over a row of chairs to get away from her. She came back a little disgruntled and said that she was pretty worried he was going to break her hip!

After the backstage pass incident she was a little worried about heading towards the front, but I pushed her up there and she finally scored a pick. The poor roadie tossing them out kept trying to get her one and finally gave up when she let about 4 sail on by and handed one directly to her. The only other person he did that for was the 7 year old sitting on her Dad's shoulder. Katie's catching skills leave a little to be desired...

Still rocking at Tee Jays - though definitely ready for bed!

Harry Potter release pictures!
So I am sticking these up here cause I said I would. More postings to come...

Mat and Michael, friends from work...

Got my book!

Friends number is finally called!


Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh, the ROLLERCOASTER that is adoption!

So as I wrote a few entries back we were submitted into family court on June 20, which is one of the first steps in this very long, complicated, painful process. Well, the update from this week states that because the social worker who was assigned in Guatemala was "difficult," our file has been pulled from family court. They were supposed to resubmit Thursday or Friday - - but of course that is an approximation and I won't know til next Friday's update whether it was actually done yet or not.

I know it should be quicker to submit because the first time around we had to wait for the dossier to be translated and that is already done. They are doing this in the hopes of getting a new social worker assigned to our case. Of course, with eveything that is going on all we needed was one more set back.

In the long run this could be the best thing because we have been waiting since the end of June for the social worker to set up the meeting with the birth mother and hopefully our new social worker will be able to accomplish this and the Guatemalan home study much quicker.

Keep your fingers crossed that our file was already resubmitted and our new social worker is QUICK!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

July Photos are in!

I am so happy with these pictures. I think he looks great and I cannot wait to meet him!
We are getting a lot of information from adoption agency with changes in policy. The latest included an additional DNA test which is now required. Originally just one DNA test was done to prove birth mother and baby were properly matched, but now they are requiring a second DNA test before issuing the visa. This DNA test is to proof the child you are taking from the country is the child you are supposed to be taking. I know it is another step taken to protect us and the baby but I am really getting frustrated! I knew we were running a little bit of a risk, but I was so hopefully we would get in and out before the mess started. And I know there isn't a darn thing I can do about it, so I just need to stop worrying...

On another note my sister is coming down early next week. I am really looking forward to seeing her and getting a little break from work. I was determined to have a good couple of days and for the most part yesterday and today were great at work. It has just been busy and kind of stressful... not as much fun lately. Things change and I am carrying around a bit of stress that has nothing to do with work - which is not helping. It'll pass...