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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

October is AWESOME!

For those that may visit the blog semi-regularly you may remember we went to Slate Run Historical Farm at the end of August/beginning of September. We went back this past weekend. We really love it. We walked into the barn and Jimmy said, "Let's go see Kate." Brian responded with, "Who's Kate." Jimmy led us to the horse that we were introduced to last time we were there. There are four horses and he went to the right one and reminded us that her name was Kate. Once he said it, I remembered - though not which horse, just that one was named Kate. Smartest kid ever. I think that memory may end up getting us in trouble one day...

Climbing the fences to see the cows better.

The first Halloween stop. Jimmy was a dinosaur. Last year was rough for me. I had this Norman Rockwell image of Halloween. It didn't include tantrums over tootsie rolls, sucker stuck in my hair, refusing to walk when we were a mile away from the car (why did we walk that far?), and leaves stuck to everyone cause everything was - well - sticky.
This year I was prepared for it to be terrible and - IT WASN'T. If I had only known last year that I just needed to wait one year for Norman Rockwell Halloween I'd have been willing to deal! Jimmy was great. No fights over candy. He waited until we got back to the Thiel's house. He had a nice time with his friends - and so did we. And his smarty parents remembered the stroller! A good time was had by all...
Jimmy and Julian

Finishing up a mouthful of pizza.

Getting tired at the end of the night.
After we were done walking we drove over to see Chris, Kelly & Don. Kelly kept trying to give him candy he'd like. He finally said whatever and asked for an apple. An APPLE! Love this kid!

The weekend before Halloween we went to the party at the North Market. We got to rock out to the Shazzbots and had a great time!

Enjoying a sucker!

Last year Jimmy loved carving his pumpkin. This year he ditched us after about 3 minutes.

Playing restaurant and taking our orders.

Using real tools with Daddy! I guess your never to young to start being handy!