My Family

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What exactly were we worried about?

Today was a breeze and I even feel guilty having got worked up about it. The two most difficult moments were waking up at 4:45 and trying to get Jimmy to relax and let them take his blood pressure (they never did get while he was awake).

All dressed up and ready to go.

Chillin' waiting for my turn.

Loving Daddy. This is probably around 8AM

Playing with the awesome Children's nurses. As the nurse said, you cannot go wrong with bubbles.

Check out the clock in the background. This would be around 20 minutes after his surgery. See the difference from the picture with Daddy up above? No? Well, neither did we.

Home and having breakfast - FINALLY - at 9:45.

We had packed up thinking we would be there at least until later on the morning. We were both thinking if we got him by noon - fantastic.

They had told us it was easy. They had told us it was fast. They had told us if he had been younger they wouldn't have even brought him to the operating room. We just didn't get what that meant. Whenever anyone says surgery you think complicated. Not so much. We had checked in with the hospitality room attendant and were thinking we could go grab some food and she looked at us like we were crazy. When the Surgeon was out giving us our update after the surgery had been completed 7 minutes later we understood why she didn't want us to leave!

We have not even given him any Tylenol yet. Right now he is sleeping (his tiredness paired with his hunger and the fact the nurse messing with him for his little mini-physical was a mini-torture were our only problems). Thinking of our friends and family who have had to go through so much worse... well, we canot complain... And we cannot believe how strong they were.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grandma came to visit and we had a weekend of firsts!
(See the next entry to find out about today...)

My first trip to visit Daddy at work (I also had my first hair cut. Don't I look like a little boy all the sudden!).

My first haircut!

My first time eating Sorbet. I kept coming back for more... Making these terrible faces the whole time!

Swimming with Grandma! My first time swimming.

Getting ready to go swimming. Check out this ridiculous getup!

My first picnic!

Surgery tomorrow!
Now I am a little nervous. I wasn't when we first talked about having this done, but once I talked to the admittance office and got all the rules and things we need to think about and prepare for its a little freaky. I am sure everything will go fine. It is a very simple procedure.

Today our sitter needed the day off and I am so glad that she did! Jimmy and I packed up this morning and went to Franklin Park. We got there early enough to walk around the park and enjoy the playground. When the Conservatory opened we went through the blooms and butterflies exhibit before heading home for a nap.

Tonight Brian and Jimmy and I went to Glacier Ridge State Park for a little walk. Unfortunately Jimmy fell asleep in the car on the way there. We woke him up and he was in a great mood but now he is having trouble going back to sleep. 5:30 AM is going to come pretty quickly so we are hoping he conks out here soon.

Glacier Ridge

Man I need a break! Walking is hard work!

I can do it!

Playing at Franklin Park

I went down the slide all by myself!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Running late on the blog updates!

I will keep the blog updated I am just a little slower then I used to be. Sorry it has taken me so long. Scroll on down for the pictures from my trip home and recent happenings.
Jimmy and I went to COSI today. It is so nice to work at such a great place!

He is really starting to walk like a champ... And is definitely making that choice over crawling. He can travel pretty far distances. There have been some bumps and bruises along the way but we're getting there.
Little help please!

Too much fun!

Aunt Traci came over this week and had dinner with us and then we headed to the park by our house!

We had a really nice visit with Brian's Uncle Bud and Paul. We'll be back soon!

Grandpa and Jimmy finally meet!

Birthday wishes!

Thank you blizzard of '08. Cake again!

Presents! For me!

Who needs the toy when you have a box and Cousin Kristen to play with?

Cousin Jodi and Jimmy meet.

Cousin Renee and her beautiful family stop by for a visit.

Aunt Kristin tries to get me to sleep.

Loving Uncle Chris.

Great Grandma Hawkins and Jimmy meet!

Morgan and Jimmy

Cousin Kelly and Jimmy play!

Look at all this stuff! Thanks everyone!

Good morning Aunt Katie!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back to real life...

So I am officially back to work full time. This week has flown. I, of course, had myself scheduled to work this weekend so not only did I work the regular week but put in a couple of extra days on top!

My trip home to see my family went great. Jimmy slept in the car the entire way there - not a peep! Then when we got to Mom's I decided to knock something over on the porch and promptly woke him up. I think it was probably waking up in a strange place but he didn't sleep well after that. We were up and down all through the rest of the night.

Family came over in the afternoon - and I will get pictures up. It was great seeing those that were able to come over. My grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin Kelly and Kelly's daughter Morgan were the first to arrive. We got to visit for awhile. My brother and sister-in-law, father, and cousins Jodi & Kristen, and cousin Renee and her kids all came over. It was a busy afternoon but he did great and seemed to love the attention. I was really glad my Dad got to spend a lot of the day with us. Jimmy seems to definitely gravitate towards the ladies - at least for his first meeting. He let Dad hold him towards the end but spent most of the day on the floor playing with everyone. My brother and he seemed to really gel this visit.

Tuesday we saw the specialist and he is going to have surgery on his tongue on April 23. It sounds like the surgery is simple enough it will take longer to administer the anesthesia. They said they take the appts. in order of age so we should be early in the morning. I am not really freaked out about it. I just really want him to not have to worry about speech problems because of it. I think mostly I am just happy we didn't have to argue about having it or not. They definitely wanted to do it. They told us he should even be back to eating solid food by that evening.

We also got to visit with Brian's Uncle Bud and Uncle Paul that same evening. It was nice to see them. They are so close that we hope to get to spend more time with them.

Brian had Jimmy to himself this weekend and had no problems. Jimmy went down well for his naps and with the great weather they did a lot of playing. They went to the grocery store and COSI on Saturday and then Brian's Mom came down today and later on Brian took Jimmy to the park. I told Brian I was a little ticked that not only did he have great weather but he had no problem getting him down for his naps... All while I was working! Not Fair!

Angel, our sitter is great! We really like her and things are working out well. The kids are still testing each other a little, but that will work itself out. Angel called and left me a message Friday night because she forgot to tell me that she taught Jimmy how to drink from a straw. Too cute!

Tomorrow we go to see Jimmy's regular pediatrician and then I will work on Tuesday to make up for hours missed when we went to see the specialist. I will get new pictures from my weekend home and our time with Uncle Bud and Uncle Paul up tomorrow.

Happy spring!