My Family

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Pictures!

We are counting down the days! We were surprised to get this last set of pictures but we will take them. And we see his teeth. We figured he had some, but these are the first pictures you can really see them. We count at least two!
Cannot wait to meet him. We keep talking about how surreal it is going to be to finally have him with his... in real life! Not just a picture any more!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The last couple of days have been crushing. Everyone at work as been so excited and involved, which means I have not been able to escape the "When are you going?" questions. I have been so thankful to have had so many amazing people to share this with, but at the same time I couldn't answer the question. They were getting frustrated and so was I.

Today Kelly from the agency emailed with a question. I responded and added a question of my own... When are we going?!?!? I let her know that I knew she probably couldn't answer but I was going crazy! I pushed the send button and sat back in my seat and literally... bing... up comes the email from the Embassy.

Tonight we called everyone and booked plane tickets and got the hotel room and are all set to leave February 6 at 6:00AM to head to Guatemala City. We arrive in Guatemala City at 12:30 and hope it is early enough they will bring Jimmy to the hotel that evening. We have all day Thursday to play and then Friday morning at 8AM have our appointment at the Embassy. We give them all of our final documents and have our interview with Embassy staff. We should (Hopefully!) leave around 2 hours later with everything in motion. The weekend is ours to explore and sight see. Monday we will pick up his Visa and then we are set to fly out Tuesday morning at 8AM.

We should be back in the States 2/12 at 4PM!

Finally!!!!! Now there are some things to do but nothing major. Mostly it will be involve keeping myself occupied for the next two week...
Two weeks! That's it... Two more weeks!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby shower fun!

The Master Mind behind the bibs, cousin Jodi! It was such a cute idea! I wasn't into the whole play games thing, but Jodi came up with the idea to have everyone decorate a bib. It was really cute.

Even brother got into the fun... But he wanted to do socks. Kristin I am pretty sure made three bibs and all were super cute!

Cousin Kristen and Brian. It was great to see everyone and spend a little time. I so appreciate our families. This has been a long process and their support has definitely helped to get us through.

Opening the many great presents! And yes, I did let Brian open some!

Aunt Katie tries out the car seat. She said it was quite cozy.

Aunt Katie helps to put the stroller together!

And, last but not least, my favorite picture. I told you Mom went nuts! Now, there are some groceries mixed in there... But most of it was baby stuff! Thank goodness Brian and I drove separately!

Things are moving along. I feel like I have been saying two more weeks for a year and half... but we are somewhere around two more weeks. So far the Final Adoption Decree, Birth Certificate and now his Passport have all been released. We issued payment for the second DNA and the copied me on the letter they sent to Guatemala giving permission to take the second swab. Here's to hoping the lab isn't too busy and process this quickly!!!! I have been patient long enough...

I really do not know how pregnant women do it. Missy literally worked the night she went into the hospital. All I want to do is be at home! I know there really isn't anything for me to do... Well... there's always cleaning... but his room is set up, his laundry is done. But I guess you would call this nesting, because I just want to be here puttering about. I have this weekend and hope to do all those crazy things you suddenly have to do... clean the closets and whatever!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Shopping madness!

My family has quickly put together a shower for Brian and I in Medina at my Aunt and Uncle's house. I traveled last night to my Mom's house while Brian stayed home with the dogs to get some more work done on the rental property. He is going to drive up to Medina tomorrow to meet me.

Brian's Mom had started the holidays off right for us and purchased a ton of stuff for Jimmy. It was so exciting to get home from the holidays with the things from her and from my sister. I have had a great time puttering around his room putting everything away.

Well, today was my Mom's turn to go berserk with the baby stuff. Kate and she decided they wanted us to go shopping together. We went and cleared out a lot of stuff off the registry. I will add pictures of my Mom trapped in the backseat of my truck surrounded by boxes and stuff we had bought. Granted some of it were things for around the house and stuff for the shower tomorrow, but regardless they bought us a ton of stuff!

I am beginning to wonder how our little house is going to hold all of these things! And boy am I glad Brian is driving separately tomorrow! I don't think he would fit in the truck on the way home!

Update on the process. We received word yesterday that they received the final adoption decree and Jimmy's birth certificate. Now they are translating everything from Spanish to English and hope to submit to the embassy on Tuesday. After everything is submitted it is time for the 2nd DNA test. I have absolutely no idea how long the 2nd DNA test will take. I am betting we will be traveling around the 25th but I am totally guessing... We will probably have to wait until Friday to receive more information. I will post as soon as we hear anything additional.

Everything has been really busy, which I greatly appreciate. We move from the shower tomorrow to the National Championship game Monday night. What a great way to start off the new year. Now if we can just get the rest of the month to go just as quickly... Go BUCKS!