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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Safe and Sound...

We're home! I knew leaving Jimmy would be tough, but I had a little bit harder of a time than I thought I would. Luckily once we got to Egypt everything was at such a rushed pace there wasn't a lot of time to wallow.

When the trip finally was coming to a close I couldn't wait to get home. We ALMOST missed the final leg of the trip from Atlanta to Columbus and I was practically in tears. We made and luckily the plane was a few minutes late which helped us!

Jimmy did great with Grandma... Grandma had a bit of a rough time dealing with allergies and our animals. I knew that would be the worst part of her but I think it was harder than I had feared. She took Jimmy to daycare all week which we had decided would probably be best for him... help to keep him on schedule. He did great but of course ended the week with the beginnings of a cold. After traveling almost a full 24 hours we finally got home. We sat and talked with Mom for a little bit and then I puttered around. Finally I was so tired I wasn't making any sense and I took a shower and stumbled into bed. About two hours later pour Jimmy woke us up and threw up everywhere. He ended up spending the rest of the night in bed with us... None of us slept great. Needless to say, vacation was OVER!

Here's a couple of pictures from our trip:

Brian in front of the Sphinx and Pyramid

I love this artsy picture. This is a series of rooms in Philae Temple. We saw the light and sound show here... Only a little cheesy! But very cool that they let you walk through the temple complex at night with all of the cool lights going.

Brian and I in Alexandria along the Mediterranean.

Riding a camel to the Nubian village.

We visited Karnak Temple in Luxor and this was one of my favorite places. It is HUGE! Not just tall - which it is - but vast. Our guide told us it covered 60 acres but I read today they think it covered 2oo acres! It was amazing. This picture was taken back in an area we technically weren't supposed to go in, but the tourist police along with others really want tips. They will give you access to areas so they can get money out of you. Brian wasn't real happy when I decided to follow them back into an area off the beaten path but we got to see a really cool temple area and get our picture taken in front of this relatively elaborate false door. And all for 5 bucks!