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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November Pictures!!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

25 days in PGN!

We signed an additional Power of Attorney last night and overnighted it to our agency. They are adding a second lawyer to all cases in process right now. Hmmm... We are greatful and will take all the help we can get but I will admit I am a little curious. From everything I have read things seem to have stabilized a bit. We are not in any fear right now that we will not complete our adoption so we wonder, why the second attorney? At no charge?

The presidential elections have been completed in Guatemala and they have elected in a new president. The new president will take office in January. Statments have been issued that the country will now push back Hague compliance until April. This means that we have until April before the laws change. The original messages had been stating they would be Hague complaint by January and they had not written in a grandfather clause for pending adoptions, hence the many emails and phone calls to everyone we could think of. It seems they would like the new president to take office and have some time in office before moving to ratify the Hague. Makes sense to me! And it makes us feel even more confident we will be okay. So again, why the second attorney? Hopefully complete paranoia hasn't set it because it makes me nervous. But if it helps... We'll take it!