My Family

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Monday!

We had a busy but good weekend. Saturday was rather tame. We stayed here at the house, I wasn't feeling to great.

But Sunday we were up early and on the road to Medina to meet with our social worker. We had a nice visit with her. Jimmy was pretty crazy since he had to spend such a long time in the car. So though he wouldn't sit down, he was still his charming self. She seemed to think he was doing really well. We will meet with her here at the house in Jannuary.

We had gotten done pretty early so we stopped by the arts fair in the square to let Jimmy run off some steam. I thought Brian was going to have a heart attack cause Jimmy was every where all at once! We had enough of that pretty quickly and I called my Aunt. We stopped and they were nice enough to treat us to lunch. We had a short, but nice visit.

We went shopping on the way home, but were all glad to get back. We threw Jimmy in the pool for awhile. His teeth are really bothering him so the more active we are with him the better.

Monday morning was intense at day care - again - but we got through it. They did tell me that he was biting. Joy! I know it is because of this teeth, but hopefully it will end soon.

Hope everyone has a great week!

P.S. I am writing on my laptop remotely! Super fun. I can sit in the armchair in front of the TV and type away. I don't have any pictures on here to attach, but we'll solve that problem later. Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Pics!

I know no one will mind if I post a few more pics... Here you go!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oh this crazy, crazy life!
I thought this family picture was pretty good until I saw Brian had his eyes shut! We were trying to get a picture with Uncle Chris and Aunt Kristin but Jimmy had had enough!
Jimmy is in daycare! Yep... Our dear friend got sick and had to enter the hospital. During this time we had to do some soul searching. We didn't know how much time she would need off and so we scouted around at a couple of places. The Goddard School downtown had an opening and we decided to take it. It hasn't been easy! Our friend who was watching the boys is doing great and started back up at her previous nursing job. It has been sad to have the boys separated and to give up our friend watching them, but the age difference was starting to show and we just felt they both (and we) needed the stability.

This has all been incredible stressful but the boys are doing good and we are just thankful our friend is doing great and was able to get her previous job back! Onto other things...

Mom came down for another visit. She hung out here for awhile. After Jimmy started at day care she still stayed a couple days and did some cleaning and cooking! Yippee for us!

Last weekend we went back to Kenton and Jimmy got to hang out with all his cousins. Boy do those girls spoil him! I didn't have to do anything but change diapers. The girls love hauling him around and chasing him. They all were red in the face from all the bopping around. It was nice to see them and to spend some time with Judy.

But this weekend has been the first weekend in awhile that felt pretty chill. Jimmy is cutting two top teeth - and it hasn't been easy. He has been grouchy and not sleeping well. Then on top of that he (should have been expecting this!) caught something at daycare which he shared with me. Needless to say, we haven't totally been on our A game. Yesterday Brian went over to our rental property to do some last minute work (new tenants move in tomorrow!). Jimmy and I ran a couple of errands and had lunch out. We got back and both of us took naps. I think I slept far harder then him. Traci and Chris brought us all dinner and hung out for an hour or so. Jimmy went down by 8 and I think Brian and I were right behind at 9!

Today we all felt a little better so we headed down to Hocking Hills. We really should take advantage of that area more often. It is an easy drive and so beautiful. Brian and I were dreaming about our future house out in the country. We'll see! Lovin' Hocking Hills! Kisses. Splashing around down the bend from Old Man's Cave.