My Family

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Brian and I had a great Christmas and hope everyone else did as well. We left the Friday before Christmas and traveled to Kenton. Friday night was spent opening all the baby supplies Judy had gotten for us. The favorites were the walker which plays cute classical music snippets and the jungle themed sound and light thingy that hangs on the crib. Very cute!

Saturday was so nice Brian went golfing with Todd and J.P. Then Saturday night we celebrated with Marlee and Macy and the Whites. It was a lot of fun.

Sunday we left and traveled to Boardman and hung out with my family. We got to swing down and visit with Dad and Grandma for a little bit. Then Christmas Eve we hung out and ate dinner and played games. I was really thrilled with the fact that I saw two barn owls fly overhead. I'd never seen owls in the wild before! Mom got us some great stuff and the siblings did an exchange this year. We had a really nice visit. After breakfast on Christmas day we traveled back home. It was a nice trip and I cannot wait to see some extended family next weekend.

Update on the adoption stuff: We received an email on Friday that said they expected Jimmy's birth certificate to be released sometime that day. Next steps include applying for the passport, translating the documents from Spanish to English in order to submit them into the US Embassy for the orange slip. The orange slip allows the attorney to schedule the 2nd DNA test. Once the results of the second DNA test are shipped to the Embassy they review for 2 business days and then release the pink slip with the date of our embassy appointment to us via email. Once that date is said we know when we are going! We really think the two week window is a long shot but we will see. Sometimes these things move faster than you think they are going to!

Wishing everyone a great 2008!

Friday, December 21, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Can't wait to meet this little guy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A lot has been happening since we received word we were through PGN. We still have not been given a travel date, but with how slow this process has been is any one really shocked? Last Friday's update from Guatemala said they hoped to have us submitted to the embassy on Monday. At the same time, Kelly at the agency told us most attorneys would not do any work until they received final payment. We did get it sent, but not by Monday. I hope they have it tomorrow at the latest.

Traci surprised me at work last Friday with a shower. I think she waited all of five minutes after we got approval notice before she sent out the email. I wondered how it got through work so quickly! She was leaving for the holidays and I know she scrambled to have it happen before we left. What a peach my friend is! I got some great stuff, but more importantly I had the moment. The moment were it felt like it was finally, really, truly going to happen. I admit I shed a tear, but I didn't really cry until later. I have waited so long for this part! I took part of the gift certificate and bought a frog pod! If you don't know what I am talking about check it out. They are so cute and I have wanted to buy one forever but it just didn't seem like the right time. Well, with that gift certificate in hand I finally got one! They're too cute.

In addition, Missy and I went and registered on Saturday. A little overwhelming but fun. And I am glad she was with me! After we hit the stores we went back to her place where we sorted all the boxes that she has been saving for me. Its not a lie or an exageration... She filled my truck... twice. Please do not buy clothes for this child. I have clothes til he is three! She also gave us her infant car seats, a stroller that goes with the car seat, an exasaucer, and tons of toys!

Judy has been asking and asking when I was going to register and for so long I just couldn't bring myself to. Now that she finally had a listed she couldn't wait. I went and checked and she had already ordered tons of stuff off the registery. I am so thankful for such amazing friends and family!

I am hoping maybe we will get a travel date soon. I will let everyone know as soon as we do!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank God!

We are walking around with huge, stupid smiles and a lot of shock. We received the best Christmas present ever. We have gotten through PGN... On the first try! In 4 - 6 weeks we will be bringing home our son.

Oh yeah... And my Mom is psychic. Mom called last night and left a message that said she'd had feelings all day that we were going to get news and we should call her. We both laughed it off. Brian jokingly called her my psychic friend. It was late when we got the message so I didn't call her back and planned to tonight. Imagine my shock when I was calling her at lunch time to tell her we have been approved! Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would get through PGN on the first try.

Steps left... Jimmy's birth mother will sign off on the final adoption decree. We have to fill out paperwork applying for his visa and birth certificate. The second DNA test will be run and once that is all done and confirmed we will be issued our official travel date.

I cannot thank everyone enough! We have the best friends and family in the entire world. It has been great to call everyone and let them know the good news... And yes, there are several of you I haven't been able to call to tell personally yet, but I am getting there. Expect a phone call soon...

I am sure by tomorrow some of the panic will set in... car seat, pack and play, diaper pail, diapers, formula... Ahhhhhh! But Missy has already said for me to bring my calendar to the board meeting so we can plan a time to go together. Phew. And thanks to everyone who has been asking what I need. If you are really interested there will be a list. A large one I am sure! Hey, I've got the crib at least!

While we are celebrating, I know the pain and stress others are feeling. We also got word tonight that the new law was passed in Guatemala. Luckily the grandfather clause was added, but no new referrals are being issued at this time. If you know anyone that has been in process and is without a referral... call them. No just drive over there. With Kleenex. And whatever else might get them through. Not only is this a sad time for all the prospective adoptive parents but also for the children of Guatemala. We can only hope that things are straightened out quickly, the process is cleaned-up and they re-open referrals soon.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Another quick update...

Our case is now being reviewed by the second (and I think last) reviewer in PGN. I am a little concerned. I keep telling everyone when I make guesses about when he will be home that I shouldn't. Everything I have guessed has been wrong so far!

Here's what we know... 99% of people do not get through PGN on their first try. We've been in PGN... forever. If the second reviewer kicks us out (which I guess is to be expected, though I am surprised that we haven't been kicked out already!) the attorney will have to make all the requested changes and resubmit us into PGN. Then we are in PGN again for... forever. And the whole country pretty much shuts down for 2 weeks around Christmas. Finally we receive 4 - 6 weeks notification before travel.

Long and short... January isn't really adding up anymore. Frustrated.

But at the same time... could we actually get through this time? Why are we at the second reviewer? Wouldn't you think if they were going to kick us out they would have done it already? Shouldn't say that out loud or put it in writing. I am sure I just jinxed us.

Keep praying and hoping and crossing fingers and anything else you can think of.