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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Slate Run Historical Farm

We visited Slate Run last weekend. We have been wanting to go there and it didn't disappoint. We had a really nice time and when we were all done we went to this diner that was down the street. The diner was housed in a very old building that used to be a general store so it was also cool too. While we were having lunch I asked Jimmy what his favorite animal was. He had gotten to pet the big mommy cow and her 6 day old calf, a huge plow horse, saw sheep and cock-a-dos (roosters), turkeys, geese and pigs. What do you think he said his favorite animal was? The piggies. I guess that pig bite - which he still brings up any chance he can get - wasn't quite as traumatic as I had thought.

Jimmy playing with the marble game. He loved this thing!

Jimmy walking on stilts... Or trying to anyway...
Jimmy was so excited to see the animals he kept saying, "Oh my gosh!"
Pumping water
It was a really great day! We actually went and drove by a house that is for sale out that way. Beautiful house on 5 acres (and really, really cheap) but it wasn't quite right... And we're not actually read to buy again yet. But doesn't hurt to LOOK!

I also heard some sad news today. I friend from high school that I had reconnected with via facebook lost his younger brother. Really tragic situation. He was recently married and just 32 years old! I hurt so much for his family and new wife when I heard about this. Such a terrible situation. Keeping you in my thoughts Ben!