My Family

Monday, October 25, 2010


We're gearing up for Trick or Treating this week. Jimmy has decided to be a transformer. Gone are the cute costumes I guess... He really wanted to be Iron Man but I dropped the ball and waited too long. Iron Man is very popular this year. Two stores were out of his size so we picked Bumblebee instead...

Playing in the leaves at Shiller park.

My new living room... Headed that way any way. I am dreading winter. Each year it gets a little harder. To help cope with the coming cabin fever we rearranged the furniture and did some purging. It only took us 8 years! We need to repaint and get a new couch but that's going to be our Christmas presents to each other... For now, just rearranging helps!

Jimmy and I went to the park this past weekend. Love my new camera!

Jimmy at the Circleville Pumpkin Festival!

We made friends with this great mom in line for the roller coaster. She had triplets (and 1 older daughter that her husband was taking on big kid rides, God Bless em.). We talked Noah into riding the roller coaster with Jimmy. Noah cried the entire time. Jimmy seemed like he was on the brink of freaking out but he kept it together. They got off and the first thing Noah did was ask to go again. Too funny! Jimmy said he had enough of the roller coaster.

Jimmy decided to spend pretty much all his ride tickets on the bounce house. Waiting in line for our 3rd turn!

We attend the Ohio Historical Society's All Hallows Eve event. It was really fun. At some point we have to get a membership to help support our historical sites. Here we were waiting for the reading of Sleepy Hollow - complete with horse. But Jimmy decided he needed to go to the bathroom about 5 seconds after this picture. We didn't quite make it... and we missed the reading of Sleepy Hollow and the horse. Maybe next year?

Loving licorice!

A game to find the golden pumpkin! Jimmy won this round!

My boys.

At COSI for the opening of Clifford. Love this picture!

For the first time Jimmy was pretty sure there was somebody in there. He asked me who it really was... They grow up too fast!