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Monday, January 25, 2010

Most fun ever!

There is this place near here called World of Bounce. My boss has been telling me about it forever. Finally we made it out there this past weekend. Not only did Jimmy have an absolute blast but these people are on to an interesting business plan. They had a couple of rooms, each filled with a couple of bounce houses and slides, balls, hula hoops and other odds and ends. For work I have priced some of the bounce houses and they aren't crazy expensive. At $7 a kid - plus a couple hundred bucks per birthday party - I have a feeling they are doing alright.

It just happened that Jimmy's friend from his class, Caden was also there. Unplanned play date!
Loving this!

Going down the gia-normous slide. This kid has no fear! I did go down as well and it freaked me out a little. They go faster than you'd think!

So determined! Muscling through the bounce house obstacle course. We will be back to conquer the bounce - probably sooner than I ever would have wanted considering he was demanding to JUMP instead of going to school this morning.
Happy week!

Winter blues...

I swear i have SAD. It seems every winter in Ohio gets just a little harder. Luckily, adoptaversary is right around the corner. This year we are doing it up big and going to Arizona. Very excited. I got Jimmy talking about going on a plane to the desert. He doesn't really care where as long as it involves the plane. Though obviously our trip to Florida with our friends spoiled him because he automatically thought two of his favorite people - Uncle Jason and Aunt Traci - would be coming along!

I don't know what the plans are, but I am ready for a little sunshine!

I will post pictures tonight of our weekend adventures. But here's some oldies to enjoy...

These were posted on January 27, 2008.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So I have been slacking... Quit yelling at me!

I will tell you all about the glorious holiday season... And more. But first, I have to say how stuck I have been all day thinking about Haiti. We considered adopting from Haiti. It was pretty high on the list - #2 right after Guatemala. I keep thinking about the children that are left with even less. And then I keep thinking about the adoptive parents. And then I cry. Please pray for Haiti.

Now on to December... So we started off the holiday season by going to probate court. We would really like to take the adoption credit on our taxes and we need to get Jimmy's social security number to do that. Because of the type of visa he entered the country on we needed to "readopt" here in Ohio.

They moved the court date on us twice and finally the evening before our date arrived. We went to bed and I said to Bri that I felt a little barfy. I went on to laugh about how much noise my stomach was making. That noise was not so funny at 3Am when I started getting sick. Finally at 8Am I told myself that was it. I had to be done. We had to leave the house at 8:45 and I had to take a shower and get up off the bathroom floor.

I made it! I looked terrible and in many of the pictures I literally look ready to throw up but I made it through... Which was quite an accomplishment. It took a little longer than we hoped and Jimmy was so wound up there are very few pictures of him that aren't blurry. At one point the magistrate finally called him up to the bench and let him sit on his lap. Very cute.
Christmas morning! We decided to split the travel a little and come home Christmas Eve through morning. Next year we are going to have to think about how much time we spend on the road. It was a little chaotic but who knows... Maybe Jimmy will turn into a master sleeper at other's houses and we won't have to worry about it. I can dream!

As alluded too above Jimmy decided that naps were not necessary and every 2 1/2 year old should go to bed around 11 Pm! Ahhh!!!! When we got home the Sunday after Christmas we were all so tired I thought it meant we would all sleep about 16 hours. We got to be in our beds... Yes. After several nights of not enough sleep Jimmy decided to climb out of the crib. Brian went into the room after he had been yelling for a couple of minutes -growing more and more frantic. He was sitting on the top bar of the crib like he was riding a horse. Bri put him back in bed and told him not to do that so he wouldn't get hurt. Said goodnight. Walked to the door. Turned around to blow a kiss and who is right behind him... Jimmy. The whole, "I'm stuck and I don't know how to get down, please save me" bit. Yea, all a show. He knew how to get down!
Needless to say now we are in our bug boy bed.

It took about 5 days and a fair amount of bribing but he is already sleeping all night in his own bed. Occasionally he will wake up and holler but it hasn't amounted to much the last several days.

The adorable moose pjs Jimmy received from Aunt Katy.

Hanging in the snow. I wished I liked the cold a little more because we really miss playing outside. I need to man up and head on out... But gosh I hate it so.

We have been to COSI several times. Jimmy was a big fan of Clifford. On the first snow of this year everyone in Columbus freaked out - like they always do. Daycare closed really early and because I had some stuff I absolutely had to get done I had to bring Jimmy back to COSI. Luckily Traci hung out with him. As I was trying to get him to leave at the end of the day he is in the Atrium running around when my co-workers start leaving. He starts thanking them. Yelling, "Thanks for coming to COSI." I thought they are so going to think I put him up to this and I really didn't. Though I am hoping they will consider him as an early volunteer and start logging his hours now!
Happy New Year! I hope everyone is well. More pictures to come later.