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Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Pictures!

Happy Fourth of July!

We didn't make it to Red, White and Boom. It was sad but it was so yucky in Columbus until like an 8 and by that time thinking of getting down there was too much. We went camping this weekend near my Brother's house so I called him and asked him to look up fireworks. There was a really nice display in Hudson so we partook there.

Mister Jimmy wouldn't really nap all day and we did a lot of sightseeing. I haven't spent a lot of time in and around Cleveland and there are a lot of cool things to do. He fell asleep here and there but not nearly as much as he needed. But he hung in like a champ! While we waited for the fireworks to start he kept making me crazy by trying to get near the road. But he has started this new thing where as soon as he hears a car he has to go and say bye-bye. I ended up holding him for awhile by the side of the road as he waved to everyone who was pulling into park. Too funny.

Uncle Chris and Aunt Kristin treated us right and hung out with us. Jimmy LOVES them! So - except for the lack of nap - it was great. I and am so glad we had so much time with them.

As for the fireworks, I don't have any pictures unfortunately. The camera doesn't have a flash so they didn't take. But there are some floating around and as soon as I get them I will post them. And he LOVED it! He was exhausted. And yet as soon as they started he wanted to stand up. He kept making all these funny noises - sort of like oohs and aahs but baby talk. Then he would hold out his hands like he really wanted to grab them. So funny!

Now as for new pictures... No it isn't Halloween but the other day we were hanging out. He had had a sucker and a hair cut and I decided to give him his bath early in the day. We had a few hours and I had Julian's first Halloween costume so I had to put it on him. He didn't hate it. Brian asked why I tortured him, but for a kid who won't wear a hat or hood for longer than five seconds he never once tried to pull this one off. He didn't love the feet in it, but he still wore the thing around for almost an hour. Too funny!

It has been so long since new pictures I will save the others for another post.

On another note, we just got notice that our 6 month report is due here soon to Guatemala. I am torn - on one hand I cannot believe it has been 6 months! On the other I cannot believe it has ONLY been 6 months! Its like he has always been here. But then when I think how much he has changed it feels like it has been much longer than 6 months.

It shouldn't be any big deal but we do have to meet with our social worker and figuring out when we are going to fit that in is a little daunting. This month is jammed packed. We know we have to do it and we will of course make room, but hopefully she has some choices in times!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday!