My Family

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


So many things have been going on! And I have meant to update the blog 5,000 times. My apologies for being such a slacker.

I have been a little under the weather - as has Jimmy. Not sure we have the same thing. If we do he has been handling it far better than I. I went in to the Doctor on Friday - feeling pretty good. He thinks he found another cyst on my left ovary and sent to my Ob/Gyn. On Sunday I got really sick with what seemed to be food posioning, but the scary thing was the pain in my side returned and was really intense. I made it through the night and took Monday off. I was feeling a little better but still had pain on my side. Finally I called my Ob/Gyn and she got me in today. It seems the food posioning - flu - whatever it is and the cyst are probably not related but with all the stress on my tummy it is probably affecting the cysts. Everything sits so close together. I feel better after seeing her cause I had really started to freak myself out. Ultrasound in January to track the pesky thing and then hopefully we can get things on track. There is a part of me that wishes I could just be done with all of this... Stuff isn't doing me a lot of good anyway!

Enough about me... Jimmy has had a great month. We went and saw Sesame Street Live and it was a blast. He did really, really well. It was about 10 minutes too long and he was ready to get out of there but I was really proud of him and he seemed to enjoy it.

Of course we had to buy a balloon at intermission since the vendors give you no freaking chance of getting out of there without one.

We also hung out with friends at our friends Thanksgiving party. It was quite fun. This is Avery - a friend's daughter. She is super cute and we think they make a great couple :)

We got to see Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandmothers at Thanksgiving. It was a nice trip around the state.

In Kenton we took two of Brian's nieces and Jimmy to the Lake of Lights and then the following day we went to the Kenton Thanksgiving parade to see Santa. He was in his glory with all of his cousin fawning all over him. They will keep him a baby as long as they can!

We got a decent snow on Saturday - before the plague hit the house - and we headed down to the park for a quick walk through the snow that evening.

Jimmy curled up on the couch with Brian and a blanket Sunday morning and read the paper. Too cute!

We have had a word explosion again the last several weeks. He started counting... Sort of. He won't say one, but if you do he will say two and then repeat every number for awhile. When he is in trouble I give one, two, three as a warning for him to stop whatever it is he is doing... Now it just doesn't work as I usually end up laughing. As soon as I say one, he immediately responds with two!

We have also been called to a lot. He doesn't love it when he can't see us both so he is always asking where whichever one is out of the room is. Now we will hear over the monitor - Momma wh are eww? Or if I am changing his diaper he will be yelling - Daddy wh are eww? Very cute!

Hope everyone is doing well! And congrats again to Kristen and Brian!