My Family

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So much has been going on this month... For starters Ms. Sophia Bair drove me and her poor mother crazy this month. My bestie Melissa was due on November 19th. With her first she went early and she started with contractions really early this time around. Everyone figured we would have our little bundle way before Thanksgiving... But while she came early she decided to hold out and show up on the 18th - after induction!

Regardless of how much I (and I am sure her mom and dad) wanted her here earlier she is a blessing that we can certainly be thankful for this year.

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Secondly - so glad that are friends and family don't hate us! My sister finally came for a visit (with her work schedule and mine it doesn't happen very often). While my sister was visiting, our friend Jason came over to kindly help Brian re-roof our kitchen (not easy or fun work!). Meanwhile Jimmy decided to get a very contagious - food posioning like - flu... Only he'd had a flu shot. I didn't realize how bad it was going to be and let all these people in my home. Every single one of us got sick... A lot.

We are real sorry and are really glad you still like us.

Getting ready for the Thanksgiving Day throw down! Jimmy ate about 2 bites of food and then ditched us. But don't worry - I represented at the table for the two of us.

My first cherry pie... Turned out pretty well! My first pumpkin... well, it was edible if just a little burnt. My mom took a look at this pie and says - I thought the top pieces were supposed to be weaved in and out... Yes they are. In the picture on the box. I didn't make the pie that's in the picture on the box. I am going to assume the person who made the pie in the picture on the box got paid... Until then - this is how I roll.

The family Thanksgiving evening hanging out. Thankful for my boys!
After Thanksgiving we came back into town so we could make Lockland's 3rd birthday bash. Much fun was had!

Jimmy shows off his 2nd cool dino tattoo. He quit playing musical chairs to get the tattoo. Definitely a fan.
Our gamer... We don't really have any video games in the house and whenever Jims gets the chance its like he would take kids OUT to get to the DS or Wi or computer or what have you. Obviously the coolest thing he has EVER done.

Thanks to our awesome families (by blood and by choice) for taking such great care of us. We love you!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

On Sunday Jimmy and I went to the North Market for their trick-or-treat activities! We bumped into the Thiels and Clines while we were there... We didn't stay long. I think I had had enough of Halloween by that point and I was feeling overwhelmed. So we got some candy, had lunch and bounced a little in the bounce house and we're on our way...

Jimmy's class' Halloween party was fun. They have them do a costume parade and last year I was surprised at how well it went... This year it wasn't quite as smooth, but once he got candy he was fine with it. They also got to run around and chase balloons in the hall which was lots of fun!

We trick-or-treated in Bexley with our crew. Jimmy was supposed to go as Iron Man but when I was finally ready to get his costume I couldn't fine one in his size. Instead he choose Transformer Bumblebee (which I was kind of surprised he didn't pick in the first place). Well, Bumblebee is an autobot (a good guy). It ended up that Julian went as decepticon Megatron (a bad guy). Even though Jimmy kind of wanted to fight him at first, they ended up being friendly.
Even baby Bair got in on the costume action. Little girl should be joining us any day now. I'm sleeping with my phone on waiting for the call! Can't wait to meet Baby Bair!

Jimmy was a riot and the whole time were trick-or-treating refused to be called Jimmy. He was Bumblebee and that was all he would answer to. In addition, he called Julian Megatron the entire time. Very funny!

Bumblebee and Megatron meet!!