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Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Jimmy Day!

Today is Master James' big 2nd Birthday! Tonight we are having a big dinner full of his fav foods and celebrating with cake and stuff. He also had pretty cool Sesame Street cup cakes to take to school today. Though that didn't seem to help the desire to go to school...

He has been sick all weekend and wasn't feel the best today. He is scheduled to get tubes in his ears this Friday and with needing to take that day off as long as he wasn't too bad I needed him to go to school. Unfortunately he freaked out and I have been left to sit and feel guilty. On his Birthday no less!! Its days like this when it is really, really hard to work... hence the blogging.

Oh man! I have been terrible about posting... And I apologize. We lost the camera cord (it has got to be around the house somewhere!) and since I have all these pictures from our trip to hocking hills and other stuff I want to post I kept putting off blogging until I found the cord. But still no cord!

We had a great trip to Hocking Hills. It wasn't snowy enough for sled riding but it was icy enough to keep me from driving up to the cabin. The nice woman who owned the cabin let us pile our stuff in her SUV and then she drove Jimmy and I while Brian walked the dogs in. We had a great time. The TV was "broke" all weekend and we just hung out playing games and listening to music. It was great!

Since then Jimmy has had an ear infection about every other week. He is getting tubes, as stated above, this Friday. I am not too worried about it. Mostly now I am worried we won't be able to keep him healthy enough to actually get the tubes!

This past weekend we went to the park and played outside at home (before we headed to urgent care with the ear infection). We are sooooo looking forward to having our extra room (the deck outside) back. This winter has been treacherous! I don't know if the difference is we have Jimmy and you notice more when you are stuck inside with a kid who wants to run and jump or if it really has been extra bad - but regardless I am sick of the grey and the cold. Cannot wait to spend our weekends outside!

I hope everyone is doing well!! We miss you!!