My Family

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Better write now while I can!
7 day a week operations are upon us! Geesh I hate 7 day a week operations! CSI - our blockbuster summer exhibit - opens on Saturday so my crazy time of year is here. With Jimmy's arrival I did not take point on this exhibit like I usually do, but regardless I will be ket busy. I worked late tonight and will work clear through until next Wed. Of course our sitter needs Wed. off so I will have both boys that day. Oh well... No rest for the wicked!

But enough about me. We think Jimmy is getting a new tooth. He has been grouchy and running a little bit of a fever. We think we see one coming in...

Here's some fun pictures!
Jimmy, Brian and I went to the drive in. I had never been and our friends suggested it as a fun way to have a sort of date since the kids usually fall asleep. Well as you can see from the picture it took Jimmy awhile to conk out but once he did it was fine! And it was fun! I think we will definitely go back again.

Chris had to go out of town on business so I watched Julian. Brian brough Jimmy over last Friday and we all walked down to the park by their house. Very fun!

We went to Mack and Jen's for dinner awhile ago and Jimmy loved playing with Stone's sunglasses. I had to buy him his own pair!
This picture is of course titled... No more pictures!

Friday, May 09, 2008

One more picture from the zoo. This one seems to have problems coming through so I hope everyone can see it. Too funny!

Happy Mother's Day!

All I have asked for is to sleep in! I cannot really complain because Jimmy is such a great sleeper - but so am I and I miss sleeping until I wake up. Looking forward to it!

Jimmy has been a little under the weather. We don't know if it is teeth or what is going on but he has had the runs for the last three days and his poor little bum is so ouchy! I picked him up last night from Missy's and he fell asleep in the car and slept clear through the night until 6:30 this morning. Almost 13 hours! It was a little weird not having him around in the evening... He isn't running a fever and is still eating and drinking like a champ so we know he is getting everything he needs but it has been bad. We went to Jen and Mack's for dinner tonight and when I got him out of the car he was a mess and I ended up a mess. I had to change him right there in the car unless I wanted to wear even more of it. But his temperament is totally great. He shows no signs of being sick other than the poops.

I have been yelled at - Jason! - for not updating the blog. I warned everyone I was moving a little slow... But here are some new pictures.

Katie came down last weekend and hung out with Jimmy and I while Brian was camping with the guys. It was great having her here and having bakc up at the zoo which was absolute madness. I couldn't have done it by myself!

Jimmy gives Aunt Katie a present!

Jimmy at the play land at the zoo.

Jimmy playing at the COSI designed play land at Tuttle Mall. Very fun!