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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

3! How the heck can that be possible!!!

No, really?!? How is it possible that my baby is 3? I refuse to believe it. It is so unfair how fast it all goes!

Grandma Hawkins wanted to take us all to the circus - - well, really, she wanted to take Jimmy to the circus and if others wanted to come along that was fine by her. But if we were busy she would also deal with that.

Brian stayed home to help the efforts at MadLab but I took Jimmy to my Mom's and Kristin joined the three of us for the day. I asked Jimmy what he thought he would do at the circus and he talked about eating it?!? I am not sure exactly what he thought the circus was going to be... I reminded him that he had seen a circus on TV and replied yes, there would be tigers and elephants.

Well, he was right!

I went to the circus as a kid and here's what I remember... Riding in the bus. Getting sick in the bus. Being up really high at the circus. The elephants smelling so bad I got sick at the circus. Riding back to school in the bus... getting sick.
Needless to say, I didn't have fond memories of the circus. But it was great! I think Jimmy had fun - but I had a blast and can't wait to go again. The animals were super cool - but the acts were really great. Mom and Kristin would have liked more animal stuff - but I didn't think there would really be tigers so that's cool for me!
Before we left for the circus Mom was talking about the circus preshow. I thought it sounded lame... And long. I mean if we are talking about 1 clown standing around Jimmy is going to be interested for a couple of minutes but to show up an hour early for a 2 hour circus this had better be good! We ended up getting there early and it was kind of neat. It was super crowded but they let you down on the floor where they do the acts and the performers are out. They also brought one of the - 11- elephants out. Very cool and I am glad we went.

Getting a tattoo from one of the performers at the preshow.

Aunt Kristin and Grandma hanging with big man at the circus. Thanks Grandma!

When my Bro, Sis and I were all little we would often get home made cakes for Bdays. But never did we ever get anything like this! Cool dino cake made by Grandma Hawkins

Thanks for my cool cake!

Thanks for my Bball Hoop!

Unfortunately, that's not a rebound, but instead the ball moving backwards. Now that we have a hoop we can practice... And practice makes perfect! Or at least, Better!

Opening presents from Grandma Judy. Love MAIL!

Playing with the Hot Wheels that Grandma Judy sent. We had a blast. And the cars kept him entertained in the car for - literally - hours.

Towards the end of February we rented a cabin in Hocking Hills with friends. Here Bri and Jimmy are snuggling.


I definitely did not remember how much fun sledding is!

Enjoying the pizzas the kids made their very ownselves!

Snow is the best!
And last, but not least, how great is my friend Traci. She left balloons and MAIL - Jimmy's most favorite thing - on our porch after work, then swung by to sing Happy Birthday in person. Thanks for being so great to me and my kid. We LOVE you!