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Friday, December 11, 2009

Okay - Where'd November Go?!?

We had a great month with beautiful Thanksgivings with the family. Thanks to both of our mother's for the delicious food! December has been a smash hit. Already Jimmy's social life has taken off so one weekend day he had TWO birthday parties.

We started off the day with bowling at our friend Adam's party. We had never taken Jimmy bowling and he LOVED it. He didn't so much care about knocking down pins as rolling the ball. He would celebrate as soon as the ball left his hand. Very funny.

Singing to Adam - and yes, we probably were that bad.

Hanging with Julian eating pizza.

Celebrating the awesome bowling!

The second party was for our friend Stone and I have decided that Stone's parents Mack and Jenn are completely nuts! They threw a great party with probably what Brian estimates to be 60 to 70 kids. Santa showed up - so who can beat that guest list! I announced to Mack that Brian and I will NEVER be hosting a party like that!

Getting ready to sing to Stone.

Telling Santa what I want for Christmas. His list included a Christmas Tree, an elephant, a zebra and a baby sister. Hmmm....

Today we were supposed to be at court this morning to finalize Jimmy's adoption - - but they moved our date at the last minute. So we have to wait until a little later in the month. Rather than waste the day we did a lot of running around - which included picking up our Christmas tree. Last year Jimmy totally understood the opening presents thing. This year he is able to do a lot more and decorating the tree was a lot of fun.

The tree all finished!

And just because you shouldn't have to wait until some big moment to bring out the embarrassing (but really cute!) pictures - - we are potty training! And today was Jimmy's third day in big boy underwear. He is doing great - better at school than at home, but we expected that. It has been the case through the entire process. Here he is modeling his cool undies on his first day of wearing them to school!