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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Holiday's Take 2... Finally finishing up the holiday photos.
We decided that before trapping our 3 year old in a car for over 3 hours, we might want to tire him out... Snow madness ensues.
I love this one because he looks so determined...

How many adults does it take to put together Uncle Jason's gift? A lot... Really fun, though.

Here it is fully constructed...

Grandma Hawkins opened the lovely gift from my bro and sister-in-law... Drawn picture of the family.

Remember that one crazy warm day in between Christmas and New Year's? Yea. That day was fun... Sigh...

New Year's Day tradition. Lunch at Grandma Judy's.

This past weekend was pretty exciting. Brian was diagnosed with pneumonia and was sicker than I have ever seen him. Like the champ that he is, he has rebounded pretty quickly, but he was out for the count on Friday night and had to skip Jimmy's first play-date with people who aren't our friends... That sounds terrible, but Jimmy was invited to a play date by a classmate and we decided to meet up at COSI. I didn't know these people and was a little nervous. Its one thing if you want to borrow my kid for a couple of hours but something completely different if you want me to go too!

Well, I am super glad I went (like you usually are after these types of things). Not only was it fun, but informative. The wife is studying pediatric dentistry and was able to give me some advice on Jimmy's teeth. And they lived in Alaska prior. I'd never met anyone who lived in Alaska!

In addition we went to Galaxy Golf on Sat. and decided to have Jimmy's 4th Birthday there. He asked to invite Grandma Judy, Grandma Hawkins, Traci and Jason so I guess its a good thing we went on the play date. He obviously needs to make friends with some KIDS!

Everyone stay safe during our icy adventure. Fingers crossed for no school tomorrow!


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