My Family

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy February!

Just a quick post. We had a great weekend. Our social worker came for a visit yesterday. We gave her all the updates and after a pretty brief talk our one year check-in was finished.

We got news this past week that Jimmy is doing well enough at "school" that they would like to start him in the next room a month early. They will probably start transitioning him this week... Which is great since the next room is focused on potty training and Mr. Jimmy went potty in the BIG POTTY today! He not only went once, but twice. We were taking a bath and the first time I could tell he needed to go and put him on the big potty. Last time I did that he got a little scared. His training potty was all the way downstairs so I had no option but the big potty and it seemed to freak him out a little. Tonight it didn't bother him at all and he managed to go. About 10 minutes later (probably because I got so excited - the kid loves encouragement!) he asked to go again. I figured he was just looking for applause but he really went!

As exciting as it all is it does make me a little sad. He's definitely not a baby anymore.

Pictures coming soon.