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Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A lot has been happening since we received word we were through PGN. We still have not been given a travel date, but with how slow this process has been is any one really shocked? Last Friday's update from Guatemala said they hoped to have us submitted to the embassy on Monday. At the same time, Kelly at the agency told us most attorneys would not do any work until they received final payment. We did get it sent, but not by Monday. I hope they have it tomorrow at the latest.

Traci surprised me at work last Friday with a shower. I think she waited all of five minutes after we got approval notice before she sent out the email. I wondered how it got through work so quickly! She was leaving for the holidays and I know she scrambled to have it happen before we left. What a peach my friend is! I got some great stuff, but more importantly I had the moment. The moment were it felt like it was finally, really, truly going to happen. I admit I shed a tear, but I didn't really cry until later. I have waited so long for this part! I took part of the gift certificate and bought a frog pod! If you don't know what I am talking about check it out. They are so cute and I have wanted to buy one forever but it just didn't seem like the right time. Well, with that gift certificate in hand I finally got one! They're too cute.

In addition, Missy and I went and registered on Saturday. A little overwhelming but fun. And I am glad she was with me! After we hit the stores we went back to her place where we sorted all the boxes that she has been saving for me. Its not a lie or an exageration... She filled my truck... twice. Please do not buy clothes for this child. I have clothes til he is three! She also gave us her infant car seats, a stroller that goes with the car seat, an exasaucer, and tons of toys!

Judy has been asking and asking when I was going to register and for so long I just couldn't bring myself to. Now that she finally had a listed she couldn't wait. I went and checked and she had already ordered tons of stuff off the registery. I am so thankful for such amazing friends and family!

I am hoping maybe we will get a travel date soon. I will let everyone know as soon as we do!


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