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Saturday, January 20, 2007


I awoke around 1:30 am partly due to this dumb cold and partly due to nerves. I think I managed to sleep for maybe another 2 hours before the alarm went off early this morning. After drinking some coffee (very necessary after the shorten sleep) we walked through the house and picked some stuff up. I think we were both a little nervous to say the least...

Johnna, our social worker, was great. Very easy to work with and really, now that the process is over it wasn't that tough, but so stressful! Today she came to the house. We spoke for about an hour and then she did a walk through. She seemed impressed with the house - definitely with the new third floor master.

More importantly the cats stayed quiet, and even though the dogs managed to jump the fence, they didn't scratch at the door (though Wage did bark a little).

The homestudy report should be completed in about a week and a half. I should have all the other paperwork together (and hopefully have had the agency reviewed it) so as soon as the report is ready we can move on! We are betting that we are around 6 weeks away from referral and getting closer every day.

Tonight we went to the Bair's for dinner and had a little mini-celebration. So with bellies full and a big weight off our shoulders here's to a really good nights sleep!


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