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Monday, April 16, 2007

Shayla's First Communion and Nursery Preparations.

Traci, Jason and I attended Shayla's First Communion on Sunday. It was great to spend time with the Thomas afterward at lunch. Shayla insisted on a congo line which Traci happily oblidged. I was a party pooper and stayed behind to capture the moment.

COSI team chipped in with Jenn Kramer buying a great piggy bank for Shayla and others helping to fill it up. Thank goodness the Rosary Traci, Jason and I bought was so pretty, otherwise I don't think she would have even noticed after opening the piggy bank.

Judy and others have been busy helping with baby stuff. I have stuffed animals, books, blankets (Grandma Judy has made 4 so far!), baby clothes and many other things. We have to hurry and finish the dresser so I will have a place to put everything. I made the letters that spell his name and have started a scrap book with the early pictures we have gotten.

Hopefully new pictures will arrive in a week or so.


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Happy Giant Cheese Day on May 15th!!!

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